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Elijah Krum
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Elijah_Krum's Blog

on Mon Sep 27, 2010 6:39 pm


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Elijah Krum
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Re: Elijah_Krum's Blog

on Mon Sep 27, 2010 6:55 pm

Tuesday, December 5th, 2018


excited, Reading: a letter from alice, Listening: to the birds outside the window,
Drinking: nothing. I had raspberry juice earlier though!

My tutor told me it was high time I start noting down my thoughts
and feelings. I thought he would just give me a book but he presented
me with this thing I'm tapping at now. He called it a computer. When
mother found out she ranted and raved, calling my tutor horrible
names like "Mudblood" and "Scum". I know what that means. He didn't
like it and neither did I. She knows he's doing a good job. He just wants
to see me progress. Verbally attacking him will do no good in my
opinion. But verbally attacking people seems to be the only thing my
mother enjoys doing. My father mutters to himself, saying that he's
going to get a mistress, whatever one of those are. Mother mutters to
herself too and she says she's going to get a lover. I don't know what
either of those words mean but it can't be a new broom or another fur
coat. Nanny said that it was like an escort but the public didn't see them.
I didn't know what the point was of having an escort then, if no one saw
them. But Nanny assured me that it was a good thing that the world
didn't see them or mother and father would have "hell to pay". There are
a lot of words I don't understand. These adults use so many and it is hard
to keep up. My tutor taught me "verbally attacking" and explained it to
me. Perhaps I'll go and speak to him tomorrow and find out what mistresses
and lovers really are. Love is something that doesn't have a place in this house
so why would mother want there to be? She seems happy enough in her own
bitterness. Can you tell I got better words blog? I found this thing called a
Thesaurus (I had to go and get the spelling) and it tells me all kinds of words
...better words than the words I use. It's pretty nifty.

My tutor was looking over my shoulder. He told me to drop down a
line or something and make a new paragraph. I don't know what they
are either. To be honest we don't do a lot of literature or anything like
that. It really puts me at a disadvantage I think -- that was another
Thesaurus word by the way. I might ask my tutor if we can do more
literary stuff. I want to learn but we spend more time drawing than
we do studying. He told me that he's paid to teach me about the great
wars and media and other things. He spent a lesson begrudgingly --
he used that word, not me -- talking about my father but then he
launched himself into my family history. He got really excited about
it too. From what I can tell...my great-great-great-great grandmother
was some kind of society witch. He used society, by the way. I think it
means that she did what mother does now -- a lot of talking. She must
have attended a lot of parties like mother does and sipped some of that
bubbly stuff that looks and tastes like wee -- not that I know what that
tastes like but in my mind it would make sense. It's not very nice. Foul
was the word my Nanny used. She wrinkled her nose too. I'm glad she
agrees with me. I don't think I'll ever get used to drinking that stuff.
I'm only eight! I'm not even nine yet but it's coming soon -- four days
and counting.

Birthdays are really great. My tutor has made sure that I have these
things Muggles have -- they're called Advent Calendars. They're used
to count down the days until Christmas. My birthday is on the ninth
and my tutor always makes sure that the treat behind the door
of number nine is the best in the whole calendar. He says that they're
hand made specifically for my use. Nanny smiled when he told me.
She'd been in the room and she had been grinning from ear to ear. I
thought her mouth was going to cover her face. I've never seen her
so happy. I think the calendar costs a lot and my tutor isn't very
rich; not like us. He seems to be happier though. He always arrives
with a smile and leaves with a smile; even if we've accomplished
nothing. Accomplished is my word. I learned it today, as well!

I don't know what I'm going to get for my birthday this year. Father
is away again and mother is going from Italy to Berlin. This means
that Cecilia and I are all alone. It's scary at night but Nanny is always
there and grandmother and grandfather aren't happy. They keep
Owling the house, asking Nanny if we're alright. I think they want to
come and look after us. I hope so because I really miss Grandfather.
I donít doubt that father will send me a broom, again. I donít want
brooms. I know there are some children like me that canít have brooms
because their parents canít afford them or they just donít think they
should fly before school but I donít want another broom. All he does
is send me brooms. He doesnít ask what Iíd like. He just assumes I
want to be like him. I donít. Mother doesnít send anything, just a
cheque to Nanny with a note that tells her to buy things with the money.
The only gifts I truly value are the ones Nanny, Alice and my tutor
give me. My parents don't try. I don't even think they care.

I saw Alice again today; and her sister. I definitely prefer Alice. Mira
is too cold for my liking. Alice is a year younger, Ceciliaís age, and
weíre the best of friends. I think Cecilia would have been close to
Alice given the chance but I saw Alice first Ė I called dibs. We were
playing in the grounds today despite the snow. Alice took that
picture; the one at the top. I would have been in it but she was
shivering so the camera didnít stay straight. It missed me. But itís
such a pretty scene donít you think? Alice and I built five snowmen!
She insists that four are snow women and that men need four
women to keep them grounded. I donít think so. I only need one and
thatís her but Iím not a man, not yet. Iím just a boy. Nanny made us
lunch. We had sandwiches and potato wedges and coco. Itís a
strange combination. I want you know, blog, that it wasnít me that
ordered that. Alice wanted it and I thought it sounded funny so I
ate it with her. We didnít feel so good after though. Iím fine now but
Alice isnít. She was sick all over the rug in the foyer. Nanny screamed
but she wasnít angry with Alice. My tutor helped her clean, both of
them saying how angry my mother would be. I took Alice home then.
Her family donít live far but too far for someone my age according to
Nanny. They were still cleaning the rug when I got back so they
couldnít have missed me.

Alice and I have been Owling each other since she got home. She
feels better I think but Mrs. Anderson doesnít want her to play at
my house anymore. I donít know why. Alice told me that she kept
on saying that she was too young to be my friend. I donít get what
she meant, though. Iím older than Mira! Iím older by loads and yet
mother and Mrs. Anderson encourage me to play with her! I donít
like Mira. She tries too hard. She tries to look like Alice but sheís not
my friend. Sheíll never be my friend! Weíre enemies! Always and
forever. Alice doesnít like her sister so much at the moment either.
She doesnít understand why Mira can play with me but she canít.
She wants to know what I think. I donít know what I think. Iím
angry, sure, but I donít know what I can do about it. I could ask
Nanny or my tutor to write to my mother. I donít think it would do
any good though; mother is awfully stubborn and almost as mean as
Mira. Mira is silent though...motherís just loud and awful. Sorry, blog,
this is all I have time for. Iíve got to Owl Alice back! Iíll write soon,
okay? Maybe on my birthday or after. Iíll speak to you soon!

Elijah Krum
25 : Alumnus
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Re: Elijah_Krum's Blog

on Tue Oct 26, 2010 7:21 pm

Sunday, December 9th, 2018


tired, Reading: a book on magical creatures, Listening: to the music Nanny has on,
Drinking: orange squash!

Iím exhausted, blog. I can barely keep my eyes open to write
this but somehow Iím going to have to do it. I really want to
tell you about my day and it canít wait. I promised Iíd write
again on my birthday and I have. Do you see the date? It
would have been an awesome day but I think it was just an
excuse for my family to argue. Thatís what they did for the
majority of the time. They didnít even wish me a happy
birthday. Somehow Cecilia got caught up in it all, being in
the room at the time. It wasnít even her day! Iím sorry, I
must sound like a brat but really...I just wanted a nice day
where everyone was happy. I didnít want mother to come
home but she did. My grandparents were here and are still
here now even as I write this. I can hear them arguing in
the next room with my mother. My tutor, whose name I
found out is Micah, is sat with Nanny. He keeps on calling
her Dora. My mother yelled Nannyís name today, really
loud. ďSTELLADORA,Ē she screamed. Nanny came running,
an anxious look on her face. I donít know what mother
said because Micah ushered me outside but whatever it was
must have hurt Nanny badly.

Iím nine today. Iíve been nine for nearly ten hours now. I
donít think itís a big change. I donít feel any older. Micah
says that I should feel empowered. Nanny countered that it
wouldnít be until I turned ten that I could feel empowered.
Neither of them would tell me what it meant though. I found
this thing...itís called a dictionary and I found empowered. Do
you know what it means? I donít think Micah is right though.
No one has given me any powers or responsibilities Ė I found
that word too. I just feel sad. I wish my birthday hadnít come
because it just brought misery for everyone. Everything was
fine until my mother arrived and sent Alice home. Shall I
start from the beginning? I think I should so I will.

I woke up earlier than usual. Itís been getting colder so
everyone has been sleeping in. Nanny has been getting up
later so Micah has been coming up to the house later. The
first few times she didnít let him in because she was still
asleep but she was up before me today. Iím usually up first.
Nanny was at the door when I woke up, already dressed.
She had an outfit in her hand for me. It was a woollen
jumper, some jeans and a blazer as well as some thick
socks. Sheís against shoes being worn in the house unless
theyíre practical. Micah getís snow all over the foyer when
he comes in. Thatís why that rule is there.

But she gave me a hug and a kiss, leaving me to wash
and dress. When I came downstairs I was ambushed by
the House Elves. They were all excited. Probably more
excited than I was. They presented all manner of things,
sweets, clothes and odd little titbits that theyíd made me.
Iíd never seen them scream so much afterwards when I
tried to hug them. Micah found it awfully funny though. I
just wanted to say thank-you but they didnít want to know.

Nanny appeared from behind Micah, her cheeks red as if
sheíd been outside in the snow. She took my hand and
led me into the living room where the gifts were sat
under the tree. The tree went up on December 1st and
didnít go down until at least mid-February. I could tell
which ones my mother had had Nanny buy. They were
wrapped especially for the occasion by the people in the
shop. Micahís I took first. It was a book, leather-bound
and worn. He explained to me heíd had it with him for
a long while and urged me to look through it. At the
front decorating the first page was my name. It was
beautiful! Iíve never seen anything so...exquisite. The
thesaurus says thatís a good word to use. Micah told
me that it was a more personal diary. I didnít know if
he wanted me to write in it but I wrote a song. I donít
think I want to write in it when I can have this. That
book is more personal and I want to keep it for special
things and special times. Like a scrap-book maybe. I
put a picture of Alice and me in there too. It was taken
today as well.

We had lunch after Nanny made me open the presents
from my parents. It was the usual stuff, nothing I hadnít
seen before. A broom from Father and an assortment of
expensive gifts from mother. I donít want any of that
stuff. I donít understand why they insist on sending it!
I think they must know by now. I mean, it isnít as if I use
any of it. It just clutters up trunks that Nanny buys to
store it. Oh and get this, blog, father got me a set of
Quidditch balls and a snitch as well as a few beatersí
bats. Theyíre all personalised with the Krum family crest.

Alice arrived after lunch. She escaped from her house to
come to the party. I canít tell you how happy I was to see
her blog. If I had to live on her smile and only that then I
know I could. Sheís beautiful every day of the year and
today...somehow she looked even more beautiful. Micah
says that itís normal for me to start noticing girls. He said
that he had his first kiss when he was six but Nanny had
him admit that it was only on the cheek and the little
girl had been tricked into it. I donít want to trick Alice into
kissing me. Iíd love for her to do it but if she wants to then
she wants to. Iím not going to force her. I want her to
hurry up though. I canít wait that long!

I opened the present that she got me...it was gorgeous!
She got me this woven bracelet. Well actually she made
it herself. Her papa got some leather and she weaved it
all by herself for ME! Iím wearing it now. Itís a little bit
big but Nanny tightened it up for me. After she gave me
the bracelet Nanny came in with the cake. I blew it out
and Micah cut it. When we settled down with the cake...
mother came home. She threw Alice out almost
immediately and started shouting at Nanny. Thatís all
thatís happened. We were going to do so much today
but now Iím stuck here with the computer. Micah canít
even read because heís too busy trying to listen in on
Nannyís conversation with Mother. Iím scared for nanny.
Mother isnít a nice person and I...I want her to leave
Nanny alone. Weíll see though. I donít know how much
my opinion and my needs mean to my Mother. I want
Nanny to stay though. I need her to. Micah needs her
to as well.

Oh, the picture is the one Alice took on the way here
today. She only managed to give it to me before mother
came in. I suppose Iíll talk to Ali tomorrow. Iíll write soon
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Re: Elijah_Krum's Blog

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