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Charkov, Zhanna Empty Charkov, Zhanna

on Sun Sep 19, 2010 1:31 am



    FULL NAME: Zhanna Elain Charkov


    AGE: 16

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Durmstrang

    WAND TYPE: sixteen inches, cherry, pheonix feather, flexible

    PLAY BY Philippa Bywater


    HAIR COLOR: Brown-blond

    EYE COLOR: Brown

    HEIGHT: Four feet eleven inches-five foot

    BODY TYPE: Tiny, petite

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Zhanna almost looks like a pixie, with her tiny figure and her cropped hair cut and pointed face. She is strong for her size and often like to pick up her friends, though you can not find muscles on her toothpick arms and legs. She looks like she would be frail, but there is some intensity in her expression that makes you forget she is three times tinier than you. Her wrists are bony and yet she is someone the guys go after.


    x Dueling
    x Animals
    x Listening
    x Intimidation
    x Quidditch

    x Water
    x Speaking for a long time
    x Comforting people
    x Being nice all the time

    x Boys
    x Animals
    x Fire
    x Dueling

    x Water
    x Whiny people
    x Crying
    x Being put on the spot

    To graduate Durmstrang and become an author and an auror.

    Zhanna is a closeted pyromanic, even her closest friends do not know about her love of fire.

    BOGGART: Drowning... It has already happened once before and she does not plan to let it happen again.

    PATRONUS: When she discovered her love for fire and she went on a rampage, lighting fires in trashcans one night in her neighborhod.

    DEMENTOR: When she almost drowned when she was six. It terrifies her to go on the Durmstang ship and she usually sleeps.

    AMORENTIA: Ash and wildflowers.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To become a famous author.

    PERSONALITY: Zhanna is a wry girl and not much escapes her. She seems shy, but really she is just the kind of girl who prefers to remain quiet and measure a situation up before moving forward and acting on it. She is rather fiery but she always keeps a cool, icy demeanor even when she is ready to explode inside. She also has an odd fascination with fire and has become somewhat of a pyromaniac. She can be flirty when she feels the need to be, but she is by no means a silly girl. She is one of the tiniest people you will meet and she still has the ability to make you feel two feet tall if she so pleases.


    FATHER: Boris Charkov, 50

    MOTHER: Esfir Belova, 34

    SIBLING(S): none

    OTHER: stepmother Asya Charkov, 26

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    PET(S): none


    Durmstrang uniform


    Early Years: Zhanna's father is a wealthy, famous man, both in the muggle world as a business man and an inventor in the wizarding world. Scandals arose, however, when he impregnated his eighteen year old secretary, having been married to another woman and been considerably older at the time. He divorced her in the plans of marrying the young woman he had impregnated. She gave birth to Zhanna and the girl was born into a poisonous relationship that lasted less than a year. Zhanna stayed with her father since he was a much more reliable financial source. When she turned ten, he married his current wife, a woman only ten years older than her. Zhanna resented the woman and most of the time the spend their time staring daggers at each other. Zhanna was given a life of luxury, and yet she rebelled against it, preferring to spend her time in the worser parts of town.

    Durmstrang Years: Zhanna was recognized as a brilliant student in Durmstrang and she often excelled at everything she did, be it academics, or Quidditch, or social life. She never sought a social life but people were drawn to her because of the mystery she exhibits. She let herself be the center of some people's focus but never kept anyone to close, because she had learned that people can not be trusted hardly ever. Despite this, Zhanna enjoys school because of the challenges she is posed and can overcome.

    Adulthood: n/a


    YOUR NAME: Jack

    RP EXPERIENCE: 1 year

    HOW YOU FOUND US: ehhhhhhh

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Jack, Skeeter, Elliot, Salem, Simon, Peter, Marki (It is okay for me to make another foreign right? Thats what I have heard anyway)



Charkov, Zhanna Empty Re: Charkov, Zhanna

on Sun Sep 19, 2010 1:48 am
Yayyyy you made a durmstrang character! *huggles*

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