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Durmstrang Headmaster

on Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:44 am



    FULL NAME: Antanas Zukauskas

    NICKNAMES: Tanas

    AGE: 63


    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Durmstrang

    WAND TYPE: 10 3/4 Holly, unicorn hair

    PLAY BY Al Pacino


    HAIR COLOR: Black and grey

    EYE COLOR: Topaz

    HEIGHT: 6'3

    BODY TYPE: Tall and lean

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Antanas stands at 6’2” and weighs 170 lbs. His body is very lean and wiry, and because of his stature, he often appears somewhat lanky. His complexion is somewhat pale, and because of it, Antanas often appears a little sickly. His eyes are large, round and he has lately developed a hint of dark circles around them from so much studying. .His hair in his youth was jet black and long, but has since then gotten lighter and now there is grey there as well. He also keeps the hair medium length now.

    His eyes are the strangest thing about him. Pale blueish silver and coldly reflective, they generally give you the idea that he is seeing right through you, into your heart and mind, and hearing everything you think, while giving nothing away on their own.

    Antanas is usually cleanshaven, though sometimes he grows his facial hair into a small mustache and goatee. It’s obvious that Antanas was what some may call devastatingly handsome in his youth, and time hasn't taken all his looks away. In muggle years, he looks about thirty five or fourty.


    Reading people
    Virtual lie detector
    Calm and collected
    outsmarts people
    Does stupid things then regrets them
    Arrogant and Stubborn
    Prone to depression
    Too proud
    His daughter
    His heritage
    Blood traitors
    Western people and culture
    Most things he wanted he has already achieved, and all his desires are unobtainable.

    Never laughs. Is that a quirk? meh

    BOGGART: Himself as a dumb blabbering idiot

    PATRONUS: A memory with his wife and daughter

    DEMENTOR: When he disowned his daughter


    MIRROR OF ERISED: He sees himself with his wife, daughter and a tall son that he is proud of

    Antanas is good at reading people. He studies their gestures, and the way they use their voice in order to understand them. He has a lot of patience as he gets on in his years, and has learned how to listen when people aren't even speaking. He has a sharp tongue, and has a strange fondness for giving students difficult detentions. This might be as a result of his own difficult life, and because of that he has developed a habit of making other people's lives difficult as well.

    Antanas quite literally reeks of calmness. He can sit through most hair-raising situations without breaking a sweat. He is precise, and to the point. There is no need to dance around things, and he finds people who try to fiddle around with the truth irritable. Lying is something he will not tolerate, and is something he never does himself, unless in very special circumstances. Being able to read people so well, he can also tell when they are lying.

    Antanas has always been one to believe that the pen is truly mightier than the sword, and that battles are won in the mind long before on the field. Antanas is very intelligent and clever. He’s slow to act, but only because he’s attempting to calculate the course of action to bring about the best outcome. In battle, Antanas is quite formidable despite the fact he is a rather average wizard in magical talent, he has memorized most spells and generally wins by outsmarting people through unorthodox ways of using spells. He is also is also a highly-skilled legilimens, which further helps his ability to read peoples expressions and minds.

    As Durmstrang headmaster and part of a rich pureblood Wizarding family, he is very proud. Overproud in fact, to such a level that he becomes stubborn, arrogant and ignorant. He dislikes all non-purebloods and especially half bloods for some reason. This is because half-bloods generally had a pureblood parent, who failed to preserve the pureblood line. In the USSR, the old Wizarding families preserved the bloodlines, unlike in the west, and therefore he dislikes most wizards in britain. Though these opinions are quite like the opinions of the death eaters, Antanas - unlike them - doesn't want to rid the world of non-purebloods. Instead he just exhibits his dislike for them.

    Antanas is great at outsmarting people as well as using sarcasm as his weapon to those who contradict or ridicule his views. He is very stubborn about his religeon, his beliefs and his views and generally debates with others to share these opinions. As Durmstrang headmaster, he does get contradicted about certain policies, for example not allowing muggle borns to join, but he is very defensive and supportive about these policies and doesn't like anyone telling him what to do.

    Being calm, collected and quiet as he is, Antanas doesn't get along too well with people. As a result he has very few friends. His family too have all pretty much died out, or left him. And without family or friends, Antanas does get quite lonely. To cure this, he spends time with the students, though usually bullying and bossing them around.


    Maxym Zukauskas 65
    Anna Zukauskas 59
    Kristina Zukauskas 50
    OTHER: (Any other important family)
    He had a son, a daughter and a wife. The daughter left him while his wife passed away.
    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    A Hawk named Horus which he uses as an owl.

    Doesn't fly



    Early Years:
    Antanas was born outside the city of Riga in eastern Latvia, then a part of the USSR. He, his parents, their siblings, his cousins, his grandparents and his siblings all lived in the large Zukauskas mansion. The Zukauskas' were a respectable pureblood family who could trace their noble bloodlines back for centuries. As most pureblood wizards there did, Antanas was homeschooled instead of going to school. He got into a reading habit by the age of 8, and before going to Durmstrang, he already knew English, the only one of his siblings to know the language.
    Durmstrang Years:
    he was a serious and polite pupil, who would probably have been bullied. Instead, he scared other students by his cold behaviour and interest in dark arts. He was successful in nearly all subjects, particularly dark arts and History.
    Antanas joined the Ministry of Magic of Russia after graduation, though became annoyed by the corruption and went to Durmstrang to teach History instead. Here he taught for about twenty years, becoming a senior teacher and soon being appointed the head of Durmstrang at the age of 46. He has held the post for seventeen years. Now, he changed his subject to Dark Arts and put some pro-pureblood laws in, as well as strengthening their ban of muggle-borns.

    During this whole time, his relationship with family detoriated. His brother moved to Russia and worked at the ministry with him. But after he left to Durmstrang, Antanas never saw Maxym again. When he visited his family several years after taking the Durmstrang job he was angered to find out that his older sister, Anna had married a muggle. He, and the rest of the family cut contact with her after that.

    He married at the early age of 19, to his girlfriend from Durmstrang. They had a relatively happy relationship and to her, and their daughter, he was a different person. When he was 30, his wife got pregnant again with a son, and this time she died, and the son was a dwarf. This child he always ignored, and disowned when he found out that he was also a squib. His daughter made him far more proud, she was a powerful witch and a loyal daughter until she married a muggle born. With his strong belief in old customs, he disowned her as well, though this memory still haunts him.


    YOUR NAME: Darren

    RP EXPERIENCE: 4-5 years


    OTHER CHARACTERS: Darren, Albus, Bella, Alexander

    RP SAMPLE: .

Re: Durmstrang Headmaster

on Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:48 am
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