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Magical Maladies

on Sat Jul 17, 2010 12:04 pm
Magical Maladies—By Robert Lupin

Healers and Healing—There are 5 basic types of healing in the wizarding world: Spells, Potions, Touch, Muggle style (old fashioned), and time. These can be used individually or in any combination. It is not unusual for major injuries or illnesses to require an element of all of these. One of the first things a beginning healer will learn is spells, usually followed by potions, time, and muggle styled interventions. Healing by touch is generally developed by experience or by family genetics. It is important for a beginning healer to mentor under more experienced healers.

Healing interventions generally aim to accomplish one of 3 things: Alleviate symptoms, Expedite healing of an illness or injury, promote comfort and wellness.

The healing process follows these basic steps: Diagnostics, Healing Intervention, Follow up. These can take place over several days time. Diagnostics is accomplished by, primarily, listening to the patient. That is the most important thing you can do. When you diagnose, you absolutely should use the power of observation, combined with asking questions and listening carefully to the answers before you choose a course of treatment.

Healing also takes some basic knowledge of normal body functioning and the symptoms of injury or illness. The wizarding world does not rely upon the same technology that muggles use. St. Mungos does not rely on “muggle machinery.” Rather, diagnostics can be accomplished, besides through a healer’s knowledge, through certain potions or spells that can reveal symptoms as well as from those healers who can diagnose by touch. Certainly reasonable creative license applies here. Keep it realistic, though, and use your own basic knowledge of the human body and how RL muggle medicine handles a similar situation. You can use that as a base to guide you in what you decide. Remember, “we do magic, not miracles.” Not everyone will recover instantaneously, and not everyone will recover 100%. Some people may end up with disabilities that even magic cannot cure, and scars of all sort are common. It is also important to realize that some characters will not know exactly what is wrong with them. That will be for you to decide as your character “diagnoses” the patient. You will be also looked to, to decide a course of action for treatment.

Bodily Systems—Keep in mind the basic bodily systems keep the body running like a fine tuned machine. When one system goes “out of whack”, all the other systems are affected as well. The basic body systems are:
Body chemistry—includes genetics, immune, lymphatic systems, metabolic systems, endocrine systems, etc.
Cardiovascular—heart and lungs

Trauma, Illness, & Genetics—The wizarding world sees a different type of injury, illness, and family passed traits than does the muggle world. Dueling injuries or accidents with potions or magical creatures is commonplace. Magical illnesses can appear to be completely illogical and impossible to the muggle. Genetics often leaves a witch or wizard with a physical appearance of, or the abilities of the stuff of legends and fairytales. The healer needs to, literally, be prepared for anything and everything. However, in general, the healer does need to be able to treat the patient as his or her species demands. For example, physiology of a house elf is different than a human’s, and a human body, wizard or not, will still have relatively normal reactions even under extraordinary circumstances.

Spells and Potions—See separate Healing Spell Compendium, and Potions Compendium

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