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Spell List for Healers

on Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:55 am
All of these spells can be done ONLY by professional healers. Those that are in green print can only be done by those with advanced healing knowledge.

Wiki Healing Spells:

Clears Patient Airway—Anapneo
Relieves sadness and depression—Cheering Charm
Causes confusion—Confundo
Causes swelling—Engorgio
Heals minor injuries—Episkey
Creates a bandage and splint—Ferula
Thickens hair—Hair thickening charm
Returns one to human form—Homorphus Charm
Renders patient immobile—Immobulus
Inflates objects—Inflatus
Hides a memory of a particular event—Obliviate
Binds patient’s entire body—Petrificus Totalus
Temporarily places an object upon a desired target—Placement Charm
Brings someone out of unconsciousness—Rennervate
Deflects minor hexes—literal incantation means “Be of good health”—Salvio Hexia
Cleans something—Scourgify
Silences something—Silencio
Heals Sectumsempra and replaces bloodloss—Vulnera Sanentur

Healing Spells Specific To Potter’s Army Site
Stop pain--subsisto poena
Heal Burn--vigoratus exuro
Heal Fracture--vigoratus effrego
General healing—Vigoratus
Stop Spell—Subsisto
Excelleration of Childbirth--Volo Ortus—to be used only during dangerous labor and delivery
LIfe Support--Servo Vivo
Stop Bleeding—Subsisto Crudus
Start breathing—satus spiritus
Start heartbeat—satus pectus pectoris
Repair Internal Injuries/Nerve & Tissue Damange/Organ Repair—Renovo
Heal Illness--(begins healing of virus and bacteria generated illnesses)--subsisto aegrotatio
Remove foreign object--aufero extrarius
Bind Magical Abilities--redimio veneficus—can ONLY be done by a professional healer
Fertility spell--suscipio ubertas
Infertility spell—subsisto ubertas
Eliminate Poison—Subsisto Nex
Identify A Toxin/Potion—Ostendo Nex

Sleep Spell—Somnus
Repair teeth—Renovo Dentis—(Reparo Dentis—for major issues, Episkey for minor)
Reversing Traumatic Shock—Subsisto Offensus
Amputation—Seco Artus
Regeneration (minor appendages only—fingers, toes, teeth, etc).—Renovo Artus
Anaethesia for Magical Surgeries—Lethargus
Reversing Accidental Magic—Subsisto Veneficus
Magical Incision Making—Incidere
Closing Incision—Vigoratus Incidere
Cosmetic Magic—to cause a more youthful appearance—Juvenis
Scar Removal—Vix
Tranquilizing Spell—Sedo
Reduce Fever—Gelu
Diagnosing Spell—Expertus
Reduce Bruising--Frendo

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