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Gryffindor Graduate
Andrew Diamond
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DIAMOND, Andrew Lee

on Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:14 pm
O U T O F C H A R A C T E RName: (Or alias if you prefer.)khaat
Gender: (Self-explanatory.)oh, come on.
Age: (A rough idea is nice.)i'm still old enough to be your mom
How you found Potter's Army: (If your answer is Google, what you searched would be nice.)bing
Any other characters on Potter's Army: (Be honest. There is no character limit, just let us know how many you have.)yep.
Have your read the Plot?: (please do )yep
Have your read the Must read threads?: (Again, please do. For your own benefit)eyp


Name: (Self-explanatory, include nicknames if you wish.)Andrew Lee Diamond
Gender: (Self-explanatory.)male
Race: (Human/Werewolf/Half-Giant)human
Blood Status: (Pureblood/Half-blood/Muggle-born.)pureblood
Year AND Age: (Must coincide, eg. 11 and first year. Graduates just post age.)11
Preferred houses: (Canons state one, graduates state ex-house and originals state two - if an original character states one you might not get it. Sixth year girls please say if you would prefer Hufflepuff or Gryffindor as we have no more room in Slytherin and Ravenclaw.)NOT slytherin! gryffindor
Canon or Original: (Self-explanatory.)original
Play-by: (Optional, but recommended. Remember to check the face claim to make sure you're celebrity isn't already taken.)Skandar Keynes

A P P E A R A N C E[/size
Height: (You can put tall/short if you're not familiar with measurements.)4 1/2 ft tall, approx.75-80 poounds
Hair: (Colour, straight/curly, etc.)straight, dark, slightly long
Eye colour: (Self-explanatory.)dark
Skin: (Self-explanatory.) cauc. Rosy red cheeks that told tales of summers spent in fields playing games and getting up to mischief that was kept a secret with pinky-swear promises and pacts signed in spit.
Freckles that dusted across his face like snow being thrown around by the wind, clumsy yet elegant all the same.
General Appearance: (One paragraph.) Andrew is a charismatic looking young guy. By adult standards he's a really cute kid, and he is the kind that most folks want to take home with them--but they don't know how to relate to him. He generally wears jeans, t shirts, a denim jacket, sneakers. He is always very clean, but generally his clothes are rather worn looking.

[size=18]P E R S O N A L I T Y
Skills: (Minimum 3. List form is fine.)petty thievery if he needs to, to survive; climbing trees, catching frogs, fishing, being on his own; streetwise skills, resourceful, independent, extremely intelligent. good at pickpocketting and slight of hand skills.
Weaknesses: (Minimum 3. List form is fine.) doesn't trust much of anybody; has never had an opportunity to play/interact with other kids/ sometimes too strongwilled for his own good, can sometimes have an attitude if he feels insecure.
Likes: (Minimum 3. List form is fine.) frogs, bugs, running away from home and living on his own, loves animals.
Dislikes: (Minimum 3. List form is fine.)being told what to do, girls, school, chores, homework
Motto: (Optional.)
General Personality: (One paragraph.)Andrew is a very likeable young kid, but he has never had much of any adult guidance. He is truly a diamond in its utmost raw stage. He takes easier to anyone who is kind to him, and can be a little buggar to anybody who he sees as a threat. He can be very precocious,is good hearted with a good sense of humor, is very streetwise b/c he has had no other choice. Only steals what he needs. has developed his own code of honor--his own rules for life. hates his father, never knew his mother. doesn't know of any other family. he is overly mature for his age in some ways, and immature in others.

Family Information: (Lis t form is fine - immediate family is fine, unless other relatives are important to your character.)Dennis Diamond--father--alcoholic, deceased
Emma Diamond--deceased--died in childbirth w/ Andrew
Childhood: (One paragraph - how your character grew up.)
Andrew's mother died giving birth to him. His father was an alcoholic and paid very little attention to Andrew. Andrew learned to take care of himself almost from the start. He learned to hate his father. His parents had plenty of money, but Andrew never saw any of it until after his father's death, and he always provided for himself by pickpocketting and by petty thievery. He never steals more than just what he needs to survive. He lived at home until he got his Hogwarts letter. He slid most of the permissions under his father's nose while his father was in a drunken stupor to get his signature. Dennis didn't care anyway because Andrew was a nuisance in his opinion. Two weeks before Andrew was scheduled to go to Hogwarts, Dennis was killed in a fight in a seedy pub, leaving Andrew homeless. Andrew hitchhiked to London and swiped a glass of firewhiskey in the Leaky Cauldron and "bought" a couple of signatures from a drunken old man that he didn't even know just to complete the paperwork to go to Hogwarts so he would have a roof over his head. He has access to his parents' monies in gringotts because he found his father's banking information in the house, so he does not have to do without, but he doesn't understand how much Hogwarts and the expenses will cost him, so he falls back on stealing for his basic needs.
Hogwarts: (One paragraph - only if your character is not a first year.)
Adulthood: (One paragraph - only if your character is graduated.)

Short Roleplay: (Whatever your normal roleplay length is, don't do it extra-long or extra-short especially for this application. You can skip this if it's not your first character.)

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Re: DIAMOND, Andrew Lee

on Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:22 pm
Just more for general appearance and you should be fine.
Matthew Lestrange
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Re: DIAMOND, Andrew Lee

on Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:51 pm
Add the bold face and It should be good

Re: DIAMOND, Andrew Lee

on Sat Mar 06, 2010 11:24 pm
Okay i'll accept you and sort you into GRYFFINDOR!!
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Re: DIAMOND, Andrew Lee

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