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Welcome to Sparks Bistro and Bakery!

on Wed Feb 10, 2010 12:35 am
Khaat put the finishing touches on her remodeling to her bistro early in the predawn hours of the summer morning. She had added a full service bakery to the already popular eatery. Shelves now lined the wall to the left of the door, and in front of those were glass cases for all sorts of handmade gourmet sweet treats. She had magically enlarged the Bistro to accomodate the additional space needed for the Bakery department, including a counter with stools for a quick tea or coffee and a pastry.

The place was designed with clean contemporary lines, with comfortable contemporary furniture in light woods, and bright colorful leather upholstery. The lighting was pendant lighting in vibrant jewel toned glass, each light globe having been handblown by Katherine Lupin so that each one looked like a separate work of contemporary art. Sparks had a large see through fireplace in the center of the room that divided the room in sections, and had openings on all four sides so that it provided light and warmth. Additional smaller wall partitionswere scattered about to give smaller dining areas for more privacy. The wall partitions were movable if need be and were made of various artistic materials and textures. On the walls were her mother's artwork, and Khaat had added plenty of lush green plants to give the place life. All dishware and glasses were handmade by Katherine Lupin and echoed the bright jewel tone colors that Khaat so loved.

In the evenings, the lighting was turned down for more relaxed dining, and magical creatures of light are created by the staff from various colors of sparks, and float or dance around the ceiling of the dining area, for example, small birds, butterflies, multicolored dragonflies, etc. Various other animals or shapes could be cast by Sparks staff at special request for no extra cost.

Sparks had daily specials, but the menu generally fell into some specific catagories:

Appetizers, Sides, Salads and Desserts--2 sickles
Entrees and Entree salads--8-10 sickles
Sandwiches--6 sickles; 8 sickles for a sandwich platter
Beverages-1 sickle

Bakery items fell into only 2 price ranges
Single serving items--2 sickles
Entire cakes, pies, etc.--8 sickles

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