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Elijah Krum
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KRUM, Elijah Nathaniel

on Sat Nov 07, 2009 11:47 pm



    FULL NAME: Elijah Nathaniel Krum.

      "My first and middle names are Jewish in origin. I've got nothing
      against my name. Some people really despise their names
      because pureblood names are usually weird with a capital ‘W’.
      Mine is fairly normal, though. Well, depending on what your
      definition of normal is. Elijah means ‘The Lord is my God’. It’s
      a biblical name but I think it’s fairly original. I don’t know
      anyone else with the same name so I’ll applaud my mother
      on her creativity there. Nathanial means ‘God has Given’ so
      that’s another biblical name. Like I said; original right?”

    NICKNAMES: Eli, "Fluffy" -- the nickname for his Animagus curtsey of Fauve.

      “These names both amuse and make things easier for people.
      Fauve decided to christen me with Fluffy during the winter
      months in Paris when my ‘darling’ landlord decided in her
      infinite wisdom to shut off the power. No one wanted to pay
      so they didn’t and as a result of that she shut everything off.
      It was the first time she saw my Animagus and she was
      pretty damn shocked if I do say so myself. But she buried
      her hair in my fur that whispered Fluffy in my ear.
      From that point on, the cat was fluffy. ‘Eli’ is just my first
      name shortened. Simple.”

    AGE: Seventeen, December 9th 2005.

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin.

      “In all honesty I don’t know why I was placed in Slytherin. I
      suppose it was because I came from Durmstrang and even the
      hat assumed that I was ‘evil’. Regardless I think it was a poor
      choice. I would have been rubbish in Ravenclaw because I don’t
      use the supposed intelligence I have and I’m not bravely stupid
      so Gryffindor was out. Hufflepuff was probably the best place
      for me to go. I don’t know though. The hat knows best doesn’t

    WAND TYPE: 10” Willow Wand, Dragon Heart-String Core.
    Hawthorn, 13" Hippogriff Feather core.

    Elijah's old wand was destroyed in the fire at the home he shared with Chase Moor in 2024. Soon after he got a new wand from Olivander's in Diagon Alley

    PLAY BY: Ben Barnes.


    HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown, Shoulder Length, Floppy, Grows Back Overnight If Cut.

    EYE COLOR: Burning Dark Chocolate.

    HEIGHT: 6’2.

    BODY TYPE: Well Built, Broad Shouldered.

    The child that once was the young man that nearly anyone could clap eyes on now could not hold a candle to the creature that walks with his head held high and his back straight. Elijah wasn’t always the daunting figure he is now. The broad shoulders, well muscled arms and toned legs showed no signs of developing only two years ago. Puberty was a late flower for Elijah but it blossomed spectacularly. Only two years ago this teen could have passed for a six-year-old any day of the week. He was malnourished, bone thin and could count his ribs if he so wished. Of course that thirteen-year-old housed a snake of particular specialty. To anyone who would catch a glimpse of the great animal that claimed Elijah as a host while he was dressing then they would believe it to be a tattoo. Of course immediately they would scoff at the thought but the snake, Nachash, grew as her host did. She too remained small in size until he developed to a point where he could accommodate her potential size.

    When Elijah disappeared, missing his fourth year of schooling, he arrived in Paris, France and he felt a wave of freedom wash over him. It was perhaps that freedom that triggered such a change in him. He felt happier and he wasn’t as terrorized as he had been at Durmstrang which was the school he had attended up until that point. He flourished into the man he is today and the snake grew with him. But with that change came the attention of people he didn’t quite expect. Women of ever shape, size and age wanted his time and Elijah wasn’t entirely sure how to deal with it, still mentally seeing himself as the child he was. It wasn’t until he admitted he had to get some clothes that he realised how he had changed.

    Elijah’s hair sits at his shoulders and his eyes smoulder in every light whether it is bright and white or dim and dark. He quite often has a splatter of facial hair covering his jaw and for a long time he will just let it grow, enjoying the change the facial hair would make to his coat in his Animagus form. His hair does not respond well to being cut and often rebels, growing overnight as he sleeps and often grows to a longer length than it was before, prompting yet another cut. Elijah wears a lot of jewellery, sometimes more than women do. Every finger has a ring slid onto it and many have two or three rings, each of them telling a story. Elijah always wears a woven bracelet on his right hand. A baby pink ribbon was woven through it during the train journey of his sixth year and there it remains and will remain until such times as the leather breaks or he chooses to remove it. Elijah also wears a lot of chokers and dog tags, the chokers usually having some kind of bell and the dog tags bearing his name and who to return him to if found.

    The dress sense of this man is incredibly casual. His aristocratic looks allow him to wear pretty much anything but Elijah normally picks jeans and t-shirts unless the situation requires him to wear something a bit more formal. The Slytherin favours are particular pair of jeans. They’re neon pink and have rainbow coloured stitching with designs patterned onto the legs and belt loops. He will wear leather jackets, hooded jackets and jumpers and during the winter he will go overboard in compliance with the reminders from Professors to wrap up warm in the cold weather as he does not desire to deal with pneumonia again like he did in the winter of his fifth year. His dress sense is eccentric, bright and fun which is an oxymoron to his broody personality. But with the brooding comes the emotions that fit the playful dress and Elijah won’t ever let you forget the good side of him, nor will he let you forget the bad side although the latter isn’t always intentional.


    Artistic, problem solving, painting, musically able, photographic memory,
    talking himself out of trouble, witty, insightful, quick to analyze situations,
    insightful, selfless father, can adapt to odd situations, memory charms,
    can bake, can keep his children entertained, works well with adults,

    Reacts badly to pain, commitment issues, troubled, quick-tempered
    when offended, makes odd choices, allows memories to absorb his
    consciousness, won’t let the past go, couldn’t cook if it saved his life,
    finds it difficult to gel with his peers, easily jealous, possessive, needs
    to always be in control of himself.

    sleeping, red wine, cats, women, cigarettes, lacy lingerie, cupcakes, parties, the smell of paint, being in control of himself, having someone run their fingers through his hair, body art, money, crepes, music, photography, strip poker, art, chokers, rings, bows, musicals, old books, history, bertie bott’s every flavour beans, dancing, late nights, autumn, musicians, models, fresh canvas, handmade jumpers, storms, white chocolate, fishing, fire-whisky, snakes, sweets, rum, thunderstorms, wax, horse riding, riots, fire, hats, toe-socks, colour, vintage pottery, clean clothes, crepes, music stores, beaches, peaches, hot weather, chocolate-covered raisins, swimming, new quills, warm beds, the smell of fresh ink, challenges, being right, success.

    wizards chess, studying, first years, snow, headaches, bulgaria, being judged, no alcohol, empty cigarette packets, pancakes, viktor krum, schoolwork, insensitivity, fatigue, being told no, homework, ann-marie, meeting people’s expectations of him, pretentious pureblood culture, early nights, clothes covered in paint, quidditch, nightmares, backchat, mouthy gryffindors, raspberry tea, Herbology, demons, being called out on all of his crap, dogs, muggle technology, certain slytherins, december 21st, apple crumble, ‘the ex-boyfriend’, london, demons, lack of knowledge, ‘mummy’, dogs, cat food, guinea pigs, fan-girls, getting up early, professional quidditch players, blueberries, the idea of disciplining his children.

    to have a family, to take part in a madigras festival, to master the piano, to settle fauve and thierry down, to fly over a rainbow, to pass his N.E.W.T’s, to really get to know someone, to figure himself out, to adopt some more, get a random piercing, buy a really big hat, get a tattoo without jen or khaat noticing, to achieve peace of mind, have a muggle movie marathon with some friends, walk into transfiguration partly transfigured into fluffy, dye his robes pink and wear them to classes, to skinny dip in the Black Lake, figure out why his magic likes felines so much, to make a memorial for Alice.


    BOGGART: Losing those he loves.

    PATRONUS: The moment Fauve first called him "papa."

    DEMENTOR: Alice's death.

    001. Freshly baked bread.
    002. Paris.
    003. Country air.
    004. Red wine.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To have a family of his own.

    PERSONALITY: (At least 1 Paragraph of your characters basic personality.)


    FATHER: Viktor Krum | Forty-Seven | b. 1976

      MOTHER: Marina Krum | Forty-Six | b. 1977 | d. 2023

        SIBLING(S): Cecilia Krum | Fifteen | b. 2006

          Fauve Leonelle Krum | Six | b. 2017

            Thierry Eriq Krum | Nine | b. 2015

              Katherine "Kitty" Krum | Nought | b. 2023

                Chastity Moor | Seventeen | b. 2005

                  Ivana Antoaneta | Thirty-Seven | b. 1986 - Iskra Harrow & Marco Antoaneta

                  Fara Kosta | Thirty-One | b. 1990 - Iskra Harrow & Jared Kosta

                  Matthew Kosta | Twenty-Nine | b. 1994 - Iskra Harrow & Jared Kosta

                  Janie Harrow | Twenty-Four | b. 1999 - Iskra Harrow & Daniel Trent

                  Henry Harrow | Twenty-Three | b. 2000 - Adric & Arlene Harrow

                  Finn Harrow | Twenty | b. 2003 - Adric & Arlene Harrow

                  Euan Harrow | Twenty | b. 2003 - Adric & Arlene Harrow

                  BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood.

                  RACE: Human.

                  SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy.


                  BROOMSTICK(): Custom Made Bulgarian Broom(s),

                    OTHER POSSESSIONS:

                  CHARACTER HISTORY

                    Early Years: (At least 1 paragraph of your characters history during ages 1-11.)

                    Hogwarts Years: (At least 1 paragraph of your characters history during their stay at Hogwarts.)

                    Adulthood: (At least 1 paragraph of your characters history after Hogwarts)

                  BEHIND THE CHARACTER

                    YOUR NAME: Amy/Eli.

                    RP EXPERIENCE: A Year! O.O

                    HOW YOU FOUND US: I honestly can’t remember.

                    OTHER CHARACTERS: Rafi, Jen, Rob, Cissa, Aims, Cy, Mathias.

                    RP SAMPLE: *skips*

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                  Re: KRUM, Elijah Nathaniel

                  on Sat Nov 07, 2009 11:59 pm
                  Yay, a second character! I think we can assume the mother is a witch, we just don't know her blood status. I'm assuming it's not going to affect his character TOO much though.

                  ACCEPTED and sorted into SLYTHERIN.
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