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Kya April Lamport Empty Kya April Lamport

on Wed Nov 04, 2009 7:04 am
Behind Kya
Name: Kya.
Gender: Female.
Age: Teen.
How you found Potter's Army: Searching.
Any other characters on Potter's Army: Nada.


Kya April Lamport - The Basics

Kya April Lamport Ashley-jones

Name: Kya April Lamport
Nicknames: Just Kya.
Gender: Female.
Race: Werewolf.
Year AND Age: Fifth Year, 15.
Preferred houses:
(not too picky, whatever you think goes best with her personality/history)
Birthday: April 9th.
Canon or Original: Original.
Play-by: Ashley Jones.
Blood Status: Muggleborn.

Height: Average Height.
Hair: Blondish-brown, with highlights, wavy texture.
Eye colour: Light brown.
Skin: A somewhat golden-white tone.
Other distinguishing features: Large scars down her upper arms.

Since a young age, Kya has had an inquisitive nature; a unique curiosity about anything unknown. Her parents always knew there was something different about their child, but they weren't ashamed. On the contrary, they praised her and bragged to their neighbors about their unique and exceptionally gifted child.

A down-right foolhardy nature, however, and many daring tendencies (especially when combined with her inevitable clumsiness) caused several nearly serious injuries in her life. These were only minor bumps in the road when compared to the tragedy that occurred on her eighth birthday. A cake. Expensive entertainment. Several games of hide-and-seek.

"Really, Kya, don't you think we should call it a night? That's ten games already, and you've been victorious at them all!" Her father tried hoaxing her.

"Daddy." She implored, batting her eyelashes and flashing her sparkling smile; an expression impossible for him to resist. "Just one more game. Pleaseeeeee!"

And with that, the final game started. Kya decided to go out farther in the woods, past the set boundaries, despite bright red "DANGER" signs. No regard to time or the extent of her travels, she wandered deeper and deeper, the forest getting thicker and thicker...

And the rest she refuses to retell. To make a long story short, Kya encountered a werewolf, one who sank its sharp teeth into her youthful skin... and yet, allowed her to escape alive. Perhaps it felt some compassion, realizing the age of the girl. Or perhaps it just wanted to create another werewolf, and violently rip any chance of normality away from this child. Her parents tried to be sympathetic to the situation, stating over and over again that her strange transformations with the full moon did not change their love. But she noticed the way the way they looked at her - their expressions of bliss and pride were replaced with fear and worry.

Because of her extenuating circumstances, Kya grew up ostracized from children her age. She's shy in most situations and extremely unwilling to trust anyone. Still, her love for knowledge remained the constant, although she kept most of her inquisitions to herself. A new side began to flourish, however; a cunning nature, and a charm to get people to comply with her requests. But deep down, somewhere inside her is the same youthful spirit, daring and brave, willing to help those in need.

◊ Studying
◊ Drawing
◊ Dealing with stress
◊ History of Magic
◊ Charms
◊ Herbology
◊ Potions

◊ Care of Magical Creatures
◊ Darkness
◊ Being alone
◊ Fear
◊ Trust

◊ The unusual
◊ Knowledge
◊ Studying
◊ Exploring - in an area familiar with.
◊ Making friends.
◊ Loyalty
◊ "Charming" Others

◊ Dangerous situations
◊ Feeling defenseless
◊ Being alone
◊ Losing
◊ Mockery

Get them, or they'll get you first.

Family Information/Background:*
Kya's parents, born completely non-magical. Her mother worked as a florist, while her father was a successful business man for the usual business firm. Imagine their surprise when the letter arrived - the letter inviting their daughter to join Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They knew she was a unique child, but magical--? Nonetheless, this could be the answer to their prayers! Their daughter would be able to meet others who could sympathize with her situation, perhaps even help her in ways they had more or less failed.

Their wishes couldn't have been better granted. Kya began attending Hogwarts just a few years after the tragic accident and began to understand - even accept - what had occurred. She excelled in various subjects, and enjoyed exploring the different topics she had never known existed. She found it exciting to learn about the unknown, but also somewhat frightening - there were existing beings that were worst than werewolves; some would say much worse. Still, as she became older she began to better hide her fearful thoughts and act as any other normal teenager - well, magical teenager, at least.

Short Roleplay:

Back to Hogwarts... finally. Although she had to admit going home wasn't entirely horrid, especially being able to control her transformation through potions and other means. She hadn't changed in nearly three years... which she celebrated. Avoiding her body's automatic response, however, was not without its penalty - physical pain, exhaustion, and even hallucinations recently. She had to remember to visit the Hospital Wing once back at school... she wasn't sure the latter symptom was entirely normal. Still, it was better than the alternative.

Kya tried not to allow her thoughts to dwindle on this subject for long; it made her depressed. After all, she was a fifteen year old - shouldn't she be worrying about boys or something?! Ha. She silently laughed at the idea of having some romantic whim like her friends; maybe it was the dose of reality she'd received when she was younger, or maybe she was just more mature than her friends. Still, worrying about if a stupid boy thought your hair looked cute that day seemed ridiculous to her. Especially when they were worrying about a different boy the next week.

Darkness was beginning to envelope the train as it continued along the track to Hogwarts. Kya had enjoyed the time to herself, but it would be nice to get back to the dormitory and sit behind the fire with a nice cup of tea, and possibly some good conversation about everyone's winter break.

She smiled and closed her eyes. "Good to be home." She whispered aloud. Hogwarts, after all, was home.

*I hope it's okay that I combined these two fields - the way that i wrote them they pretty much go together, and I said a lot of her background in the childhood section. But if you want me to add more I can, just lemme know (:

Kya April Lamport Empty Re: Kya April Lamport

on Thu Dec 24, 2009 4:43 am
Thats an awesome application.

Accepted and sorted into Ravenclaw
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