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Howdy! Errr.. here is my character application. Empty Howdy! Errr.. here is my character application.

on Mon Oct 05, 2009 9:35 pm
Out of Character:
Name: AJ
Gender: Female
Age: 14-ish
How you found Potter's Army: A Harry Potter RPG adverising website
Any other characters on Potter's Army: None, this is the first time I've ever been on this site.
Anything else: None.

In Character
Name: Artemis Jane Swift
Gender: Female
Race: Human with mild vampire genes due to ancestry.
Year AND Age: Sixth Year- Fifteen and just shy of sixteen years of age.
Preferred houses: Slytherin was her family's house so that or Ravenclaw.
Birthday: October 31st
Canon or Original: Original Character
Play-by: I'm currently still looking for something for this character.
Blood Status: Half-blood

Height: 5'9
Hair: Dark/Light Brown, Choppy and can be curled into pretty ringlets
Eye colour: Black
Skin: Lightly sun kissed tan.
Other distinguishing features: In her left eye shehas a white diamond that reaches from outside of the pupil to the end of the colour ring. She also has a snake tongue-piercing which she can nearly always be seen playing with.

Personality: Artemis has a strong, dominating personality. Once she hs made up her mind, her mind is made up and there is no point arguing with her. She's very hotheaded and tends to do things on the spur of the moment instead of thinking things through. This usually gets her into sticky situations that she talks herslf out of because of her charismatic tendencies. She seems to know exactly what she is doing even if she acts like she hasn't got a clue. People underestimate her for this becase she useually goes off on a tangent and dosn't focus on the task at hand.
Skills: Artemis' senses are a heightened slightly because of the vampire traits she has inherited. None of them are very defining though so she over looks them. Artemis is able sense bad things that are about to happen- eg. death or destruction, and usually has dreams concerning the gut feeling. She can handle her wand pretty well and has quite nack for DADA and Potions.
Weaknesses: Clumsiness, Danger Magnet,
Likes: Wet and Cold weather, a good duel, DADA, Potions, Quidditch and Chocolate
Dislikes: Sunny weather/Summer, Divination, Christmas
Motto: All I have to do is be able to live one day without breaking something!
Family Information:
Mother: Jenifer Swift (deceased)
Father: Andrew Swift (deceased)
Siblings: None.
Other: The rest of her family were killed during a potion explosion in their home at Christmas. Every member of her family were there and she went down the shop to get some milk and a pack of gum. When she came home the house was destroyed.
Background: Artemis is of Greek origins but was born in England. Her family have a long line of vampires branching off of the family tree and traits from the vampires keep poppig up in different descendants. Despite her heritage, Artemis has never been to Greece and hopes to go there one day to find out what it was like for her grandparents who grew up there. She had a happy family and was a very bubbly person until their untimely and avoidable deaths.
Short Roleplay:
Artemis was stood in Flourish and Blotts with a book open in her hands. Her dark eyes were flicking across the pages, taking in little details of the book and finding out what it was about. Artemis closed the book with a snap and returned it to the shelf before stretching. Once her spine made a satisfying click, Artemis picked up her bag which she had left on the floor when that book had caught her attention.

Artemis dropped the bag onto her shoulder and left the shop with a small smile. She knew that with a few more days of selling some potions to wizards and witches who couldn't afford them at street prices, she would be able to buy the book. It was one specifically on Defense against the Dark arts. It showed the reader how to use a Dark Wizard's own magic against him. What Artemis had read so far was fairly good and she couldn't wait to take it back to her home herself an read it at her own leisure.

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Howdy! Errr.. here is my character application. Empty Re: Howdy! Errr.. here is my character application.

on Tue Oct 06, 2009 7:07 pm
Great application =D

Accepted and sorted into Slytherin.
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Gryffindor Graduate
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Howdy! Errr.. here is my character application. Empty Re: Howdy! Errr.. here is my character application.

on Tue Oct 06, 2009 7:28 pm
20000th Post Darren
Congrats, doubt you'll read this though
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Howdy! Errr.. here is my character application. Empty Re: Howdy! Errr.. here is my character application.

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