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WELCOME BACK, ALUMNI! Potter’s Army is a roleplaying site that's been up and running since 2007. We have just revamped the site for an AU version of our previous PA adventures, with our old writing buddies.

The current IC year 2022.

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Post by Keiran Hayes on Sat Jun 29, 2019 5:15 pm

The first account listed is the desired account for that writer whenever you send them a pm. But you can also reach out via Discord!

Admin team

KHAAT: @Khaat Lupin, Michael Tremaine, Scott Fenwick, Robert Lupin, Colin Firethorn, Marcus Belby, Poppy Levski, Paul Ackerman

MATT: @Matthew Lestrange, Kipp Morris, Quill Magnolia

JACKLES: @Jack Dyllan, Alice "Ace" Longbottom, Cosmo Barbary, Dory Le, Ducky Baker, Lily Luna Potter, Margo P Richards, Molly Minerva Weasley, Teddy R. Lupin

ADDIE: @Keiran Hayes, Avery Bishop, Apollo Zabini, Christian Zabini, Daphne Morgenstern, Frank Longbottom, Katherine "Kit" Avery, Kameko Zhou, Nessa Bridgewood and Zara Halworth

Super-awesome Writers

ALYSSA: @Juliet Thruston, Amelia McLaggen, Johnny G. Murray

CHRISTY: @Christabelle Whittle, Cosette Barbary, Eva DeLuca, Finn Kelly, Landen Lockwood

ELI: @Elijah Krum, Alexander Edgecombe, Melissa Finngian

KIM: @Anabelle Mulciber, Artemis Knox, Caspian Ivanov, Cronis Yaxley, Danny Riordan, Evander Yaxley, Kaiden Poliakoff, Rose Granger-Weasley, Ryo Hiroku, Victoria Aramani

RJ: @Hallie Cooper

SOPH: @Sophia Granger, Austin Lockwood, Kace Lecium, Katie Knight, Maura Goldstein, Tyler Lockwood

GODRIC: @Godric Malfoy

NICK: @Nick Potter

WILSON @"James Wilson", Edgar Doyle

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