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Robert Lupin
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In for a Pint - Page 2 Empty Re: In for a Pint

on Tue Aug 14, 2018 2:01 am
Oh, lord, Selwyn was one of those--another one of those people who thought they knew everything about him and what sort of person he was, what sort of life he had because of some strange little fantasy in their heads. It was pure hype that was usually generated by anti-Ministry politicians and swallowed by people that believed Robert lived in some little golden castle somewhere. Robert did not feel like defending himself tonight. He felt like a pint and a cigarette. He drew out a pack of cigarettes, lit one, letting the smoke drift off the other direction away from the table.

"You aren't in the easiest position. I realize that. Nor do you have the easiest job, certainly not in the way that Hayes left things, I'm sure," he said. "I agree with the same things you do about those who are disadvantaged. And yet you still misunderstand me. Oh, well. You are entitled to your own opinion. You make a good many assumptions about who you believe I am and how you believe I live. You are correct in about a sliver of it, and the rest of it is utter twaddle, Thorfinn.  If you knew anything about me and what I have actually done, believed in or stood for, at least your opinions would be made in fact and not in either presumption or hype."

In for a Pint - Page 2 Pbucket
Selwyn Thorfinn
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Selwyn Thorfinn
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In for a Pint - Page 2 Empty Re: In for a Pint

on Tue Aug 14, 2018 5:18 am
Selwyn laughed.

"And there you go," he said, saluting Lupin with his glass.  "You've proved the point."

He put the glass down, and stood.

"Let me tell you something, Lupin.  Being misunderstood is a luxury. You feel entitled to misunderstand those metamorphs.  You presume you know everything about their lives.  If you wanted to, you could doubtless have their children taken into care.  Who's going to argue with the Minister for Magic?  But as soon as someone makes presumptions about you, you feel misunderstood.  It makes you feel bad, but I can't change your life just because of what I presume about you."

"So yes, I am entitled to my opinion," Selwyn said, "and you've done nothing to change it.  Enjoy your evening.  And may I suggest that if you don't enjoy being held responsible for the actions of your government, perhaps politics isn't the career for you."

He left, feeling quite pleased with himself.
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