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In this alternate universe, Lord Voldemort is dead, but so is Harry Potter. Factions continue to fight, Hogwarts educates the next generation of witches and wizards, and the Ministry of Magic does its best to hold everything together.

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Introducing the Narrator Empty Introducing the Narrator

on Fri May 25, 2018 2:26 am
Hello Everyone!

This is the Narrator account.  It exists to narrate everyday life in the Wizarding World, and to help make your RP easier and more fun.

Request help from the Narrator

Non Player Characters

The Narrator can fill in for NPCs.  

Some of the site's public figures, such as the Minister for Magic, are currently NPCs.

The Narrator can also fill in for passersby in your threads, or even whole groups of people like crowds and faction members.  

Kickstarting a plot

The Narrator can kickstart a plot by providing the background information and opening the scene, so you can jump straight to the action.

Getting things un-stuck

If your plot or thread stalls, you can ask the Narrator to intervene and get it flowing again.

Success & Failure

There are some things our characters are naturally good at, and there are some things our characters are naturally terrible at.  But sometimes, (if you're like me) you're not sure whether your character would fail or succeed at a certain thing.

If you write an open ended post of your character's attempt, you can ask the Narrator to describe what happens next.


Want some random weirdness to crop up in your thread?  The Narrator can make it happen.
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