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Things Left Unsaid

on Sun Apr 29, 2018 4:39 pm
The last few years have been a blessing. Edward knew that now better than ever. But as every blessing this one had a limit of time to work under. Nothing lasts forever. He always knew this wouldn’t as well but perhaps he had grown soft, been too close to the light to ever see the darkness gaining field over him. He had just expected that once it came it would come directly over him and not attack him in the worst way possible. Elizabeth was the love of his life, the reason why the mark in his arm hadn’t consumed him completely. They could do with him what they wanted but to hurt her instead, that was too much for him.

It has been already a few days after the accident when he finally sat down to write. His first intentions were to direct himself directly to his son and for a couple of times he tried to write to him. But he never has written him a letter, not since Stephen had gotten into Hogwarts. Merlin’s beard! He wanted to. So much. He had always wanted to be the one Stephen could share all his experiences in Hogwarts with but he feared that by doing so he would be in danger. He feared they could track him and find out who he was and therefore use him to get to him. Stephen knew nothing of this and he was the last person that had to suffer because of his, Edward’s, own mistakes. He thought it would be best to put some distance in between them, both Stephen and Adriana. And it was already too painful to watch them grow up without being a part of the process… Edward decided against it. He would write to the headmaster himself so that, at least, Stephen didn’t have to receive the news through a piece of paper.

Dear Headmaster,

I thereby request Your Excellency’s assistance in a situation as fragile as this is. My wife had recently been victim of an accident that has left her in a very poor condition. Prognosis is yet unsure but for the time being she is out of harm’s way. My request to you is to put our son’s, Stephen Meyers, mind at ease. As it was yet unsure of what the future held for his mother I had prevented myself from alarming him and therefore he shouldn’t know yet of what has happened. I beg your understanding for the sensibility of the situation and why I do not wish him to acknowledge the situation by his own means or by an unreliable source but would also guarantee him a form of support I know you will be able to give him while I cannot.

In addition to this, if it is his wish, I thereby authorize him to come visit his mother at St. Mungo’s. My wife would be more than glad to see him. I just ask to learn whether he chose for or against this visit so that the proper preparations could be arranged.

Kindest regards,
Edward Meyers

In less than a few minutes Willow, the family owl, was already flying away carrying the scroll Edward had given him. He watched the owl go fly away until he couldn’t see more than a small dot in the greyish sky of London.

He didn’t know yet if this was the best he could have brought himself to do concerning his son but he hoped that someday he would be willing to understand all he has done as his and Adriana’s father. He wasn’t sure if forgiveness would be on his son’s list of vocabulary towards him but he didn’t need complete blind forgiveness, and he knew he didn’t exactly deserve it that way, but the starts to understanding would be enough for him.

* * *

Later, after crossing a few Spring storms Willow approached Hogwarts’ fields. However, the course was different from the usual. He didn’t soar down to the Great Hall as it was usual to meet with Stephen as he was used to. It wasn’t either in the direction of the Gryffindor’s tower but up above a different tower. In a matter of seconds, he had landed by a window at the side of the tower and hooting softly while pecking the glass to let whoever was inside know he was there.
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