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Medusa Hunt
Fifth Year Ravenclaw
Fifth Year Ravenclaw
Medusa Hunt
Fifth Year

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Midnight treats and sweets Empty Midnight treats and sweets

on Thu Apr 05, 2018 4:32 pm
Medusa was hungry, now scratch that she was starving looking at the clock she gasped as she seen it was midnight, had she really been studying for that long?  She completely missed dinner, no wonder she was a starving Mervin, yawning she closed her book putting them in her book bag and in her dorm careful not to wake her other dorms mates.  Not like most of them were asleep anyways, most were probably still studying like she was or doing god knows what, Ravenclaws weren't  always reserved and quiet besides as people always say it's the quiet ones you better watch out for.  Grabbing her robe and the basket she always took to the kitchen she headed back downstairs towards the kitchen to get something to eat maybe a couple of snacks for later, although she knew she had to be careful there were Professors and Prefects as well as Head Boy and Girl out lurking ever corner.  Sneaking quietly out of the door down the common room she quietly tip toed down the stairs making her way towards the kitchen.

Sometimes she wished that she wasn't so far away from the kitchen when she was starving, the Hufflepuffs had it easy and didn't have to go far at all, she envied them a lot at times.   Walking down the stairs she walked in the shadows careful not to be seen by anyone, that was the last thing she needed was to get caught and get a detention.  Looking around she ran downstairs as fast as she could upon the second floor, whew... almost there just a couple more ways down and she'll be good.   Walking down the corridor she ran into a suit of amour and quietly cursed to herself.   Crap I better Hide!" she  thought to herself quickly hiding in the corner in the shadows. Waiting quietly she sighed in relief before she ran down the rest of the way towards the kitchen.

Out of breath, she reached the portrait of the bowl of fruit she tickled the pear and smiled before walking into the kitchen. Success! she made it all the way down here without getting caught.    "Um... excuse me, I missed dinner due to me studying for my OWLs is there anyway I can get something to eat like a sandwich or so?" she asked. Before she knew it chicken, mash potatoes and various of other things were before her.   It always surprised her when they did that, but she never left this place hungry that was for sure, and they always gave her snacks for later.  "Thank you!" taking a bite of chicken her hunger was slowly starting to fade away as she ate which she was glad she would hate going to bed hungry.

Lost in her own little world eating she froze when she heard the door opening.   "Please let it be a student not a professor of Prefect!" she thought to herself still frozen.  The last thing she needed was a professor or prefect catching her down in the kitchens way past curfew and when she was suppose to be in bed.   Oh... well, if it was a prefect or professor she'll suffer the consequences later, she wasn't going to leave her plate of food when she was still hungry. It was her fault for missing dinner, but in her defense she was studying for OWLs and doing her homework and lost track of time, it happens right surely they understood that right?   Some were cool but others were strict and punished you anyways,  god she hoped it was a student.
Clair Sauvage
Sixth Year Ravenclaw
Sixth Year Ravenclaw
Clair Sauvage
Seventh Year
Potter's ArmyStudent

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Midnight treats and sweets Empty Re: Midnight treats and sweets

on Sat Jul 28, 2018 1:30 am
Who even cares why Clair had been wandering the halls in the middle of the night? He didn't, and he was pretty sure that by now, none of the staff did either. Somehow, his wandering brought him by the kitchens, and it occurred to Clair that he could probably get away with a delicious midnight snack right about now. Was it midnight? Again, who cared?

He slipped into the kitchens and was surprised to find it bright and bustling. Even house elves needed to sleep some time, didn't they? And in the midst of it all, a little blonde. He recognised her from his own house, but couldn't put a finger on her name.

"Hey, you," he said. "What're you doing up at this time of night?"

She could ask the same of him, but she probably wouldn't.
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