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In this alternate universe, Lord Voldemort is dead, but so is Harry Potter. Factions continue to fight, Hogwarts educates the next generation of witches and wizards, and the Ministry of Magic does its best to hold everything together.

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Alva Jay Zolkin
Alva Jay Zolkin
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on Sun Mar 04, 2018 8:58 pm
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John Zolkin: Father. Age 42. Former Slytherin. Halfblood. NPC.
Alva's relationship with her father is strained, to say the least. Alva's mother died at child birth, and John has always sort of blamed Alva for Celina's passing. For the first three years of her life, he wanted nothing to do with her.

Titianna Zolkin: Grandmother. Age 75. Former Ravenclaw. Halfblood. NPC.
Titianna is the reason that Alva and her father have any relationship at all. While Alva's father wanted nothing to do with her, she was the one that took care of AJ. To this day, Alva calls her Anna, and is the only one allowed to do so. Titianna taught everything Alva everything she knows about the muggle world, and is where her love for Transfiguration and Potions stated.



Love Interests


To Be Added.
-Selwyn Thornfinn ~ To be determined.
-Ace Longbottom ~ Friends in the making.
-Stephen Meyers ~ Friends in the making.
-Clair Sauvage ~ Enemies in the making.

I am 100% open to pre-existing relations. Let me know what you think.
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