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Lilith Llewellyn
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[open] Restrictions are for the dregs

on Sat Feb 10, 2018 9:30 pm
After about fifteen minutes of "studying" Lilith judged it was safe to leave her table, walk to the shelves, and make it look like she was looking for something.

She was looking for something. The professors had their little rules about who was allowed to look up certain spells, but Lilith knew a thing or two about professors. She knew that both the Headmaster and the Deputy Headmaster had once been Slytherins, for example. They would understand her curiosity.

So Lilith edged her way closer to the Restricted Section, already composing arguments in her head. How could you put a restriction on knowledge? Indeed, how could you? She wondered whether it would be better to sound indignant or bewildered when she said that, as she quietly unlatched the gate that separated the Restricted Section from the rest of the library.

It was like a toddler gate. Now that was something to get indignant over.
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