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It is 2031 in the Wizarding World

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Shylock Ashcroft
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like birds of a feather

on Sun Dec 31, 2017 8:11 am
Shylock sucked the icing from the tip of his finger as he weaved his way through the crowd at the Quidditch Pitch. If he was careful, and he was, he could make this cupcake last the whole game.

Selwyn was around here somewhere, and under other circumstances, Shylock would probably be able to deduce where. Selwyn and Keiran were both former Slytherins so it was only logical that the Professors Team should be changing in the Slytherin locker rooms. But Keiran Hayes was the most un-Slytherin Slytherin that Shylock had ever not-exactly-met. If Shylock didn't know the man's former house, he'd have pegged him for a Gryffindor. That made it difficult to guess where Selwyn was right now. He could be in the Slytherin locker rooms, but he was just as likely to be somewhere else. Hell, from what Shylock gathered, creating entirely new locker rooms specifically so nobody would have a home advantage would be right up Keiran's alley.

Well, it wasn't as though he would puzzle out the answer to this mystery any faster by standing around here. Being the "partner" (eyeroll) of a professor came with perks, and Shylock had a box seat. As he picked up his pace to get up there before the rest of the stadium filled up, he jostled someone passing by.


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