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In this alternate universe, Lord Voldemort is dead, but so is Harry Potter. Factions continue to fight, Hogwarts educates the next generation of witches and wizards, and the Ministry of Magic does its best to hold everything together.

It is 2031 in the Wizarding World
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warrior cats: a rpg

on Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:02 pm

Join us at WCARPG! An alternate reality Warrior's Roleplay that does not follow the history of the books, but instead forges its own path!

The clans are under stress †from the constant presence of two-legs, strange things are occurring and animals of all kind are showing up with malformations and odd appearances that only add to the concern that something terrible is on the rise.

Which Clan will you stand with when the time comes?

But tread lightly, for there's blood in the water...

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