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Clair Sauvage
Sixth Year Ravenclaw
Sixth Year Ravenclaw
Clair Sauvage
Seventh Year
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Mathieu Sauvage Empty Mathieu Sauvage

on Sat Nov 11, 2017 6:38 am
Soooo Mathieu is Clair's older brother. He's one of the main reasons Clair's the way he is. Clair feels like he can't live up to Mathieu's perfection, or at least what their parents think of as Mathieu's perfection. Whether Mat is actually perfect or is just really good at acting like an angel is totally up to you if you take him up.

He should be between 1 & 3 years older than Clair, so he could be a graduated character or a seventh year. It's up to you.
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