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Re: "Not my [children], you B*tch!"

on Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:13 pm
"As much as I would actually love to give that a go, there's just no telling who would notice and who would find out about it. Some other time, however, certainly. Perhaps over the summer," he mused, not really sure if he was kidding or not. If other professors weren't there, what did it matter?

However, he did have what she was after. He'd been about two seconds away from just downing the liquor straight from its bottle, but luckily she had shown up before that happened. From beneath his desk he picked up the bottle, setting it heavily on top of the desk and calling over two glasses that, mercifully, he had fixed after breaking them earlier. The thought made him frown, but he passed over it as best as he could.

Reaching forward, he sat one in front of her and then lifted the other forward in a not-quite-ironic sort of cheers.
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