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It is 2031 in the Wizarding World
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Re: Giant squid and new beginnings

on Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:43 pm
Medusa was glad that it didn't matter to Stephen, but to others it mastered greatly, although she didn't understand why. Why did it matter what people have or had, why couldn't people see that money wasn't everything? Her parents as well as her worked for all they had, never had a gold spoon in her mouth or had everything serve to her on a sliver platter. Medusa was poor, but she never starved or was without food or a meal, her parents made sure of that. She looked at him surprised. "I guess I'm glad to have such a big place even if I don't have alot of money. "she said smiling.

She chuckled. "Well...that might be the problem right there, he's not use to sharing things."she said shrugging. She laughed. "Hey so would I, so I don't blame him at all one bit, I'll be a bit freaked out as well."she admitted honestly. "I bet after awhile he'll get use to it, just going to take him some time, I bet they'll be good friends after awhile hopefully. "she said looking at the lake. "I think it's funny how animals react at times, it's quite amusing to see, at least for me." she said watching the giant squid go back under the water. "That's what people don't understand, animals have thoughts and feelings like we do, they're not just animals. "she said hating that some people think that.

She laughed and nodded. "It was pure hell that's what it was, I hated it there and begged my dad to be homeschooled, but he wanted the best education for me."she said looking at him sighing. She smiled at his second comment. "You know I never thought about that, but you're right I did got into a kick ass school."said said. "Plus I know some kick ass magic and a witch they're just stuck up rich girls."she said. She looked st him and titled her head, he didn't look fine he looked stressed out, she couldn't help but not to frown. He loodd rather upset and down, and it wasn't just because of school, but if he wanted to tell her he would and she left it at that.

She nodded. "Yeah... they're preparing you for OWL year, which is more a pain in the ass then taking them."she said. "I'm busy studying my ass off for them, I haven't done much but that. "she said sighing. "We need to do something together, something that doesn't have to do with work or anything to do with homework or books."she said chuckling.
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