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Fifth Year Ravenclaw
Fifth Year Ravenclaw
Medusa Hunt
Fifth Year

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Giant squid and new beginnings

on Thu Oct 26, 2017 5:05 pm
It was a Saturday afteroon, and Medusa was bored out of her mind thinking of what to do with her spare time. As crazy as it seems,Medusa was already done with her homework seeing how she had nothing to else to do. Looking at the ceiling she started drawing things with firey sparks that came out of her wand. "Ugh... I'm going crazy!" to herself as she gotten up from her bed and grabbed her Ravenclaw robe and scarf before heading out. It was no longer summer time the wind gotten nippy during the coruses of the day, she found that out the hard way last week.

Walking down the sloping lawn of Hogwarts School of of Witchcraft and Wizardly she headed down towards the lake. After a few minutes she finally reached the lake and smiled happily as she sat underneath the willow tree. As the giant squid came up she smiled at him. "Hello, last time we tried talking we were interrupted by kids throwing rocks at you."she said softly. "I know how you feel, I used to get picked on all the time to at my muggle school by bullies."she said softly as the giant squid blinked at her. Looking around she seen that no one was really out by the lake. They were probably at Hogsmeade which was a place Medusa really didn't go to.

"I had a pretty good week, but you probably had a bad one, but I did hang out with Stephen "she said softly. "I know what your thinking, a friendly person like you? the answer is yes" she's said . Medusa know it was crazy for her to talk to a squid but he always talked back to her in his own language, a bit weird but Medusa had a way with animals. Now she met the giant squid she couldn't wait for Stephen to see him.

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Fourth Year Gryffindor
Fourth Year Gryffindor
Stephen Meyers
Fourth Year

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Re: Giant squid and new beginnings

on Sat Oct 28, 2017 4:11 pm
Saturday usually meant Quidditch practices. Not his, of course, for Stephen wasn't even in the team... But as a Quidditch fan he enjoyed to attend at the matched there in the field of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Now more than ever. Because all he had left from the time he imagined himself in a broom up there in the sky was the fading memories of a Quidditch match he had attended to when he was younger and the many matches he had so neatly imagined as he heard the report on the radio. Back then, anything seemed possible. Now... ever since his first try in the field to join the team there was nothing more impossible. No, he was not sent away back then. Instead, he simply gave up when he figured he couldn't do it. And ever since he hadn't flown on a broom with someone watching ever again. The closer there was to it in his life were those early Sunday mornings when he sneaked to the field and practised with the school brooms when no one was there, when there was no games or practices... Just that.

As Griffindor's Quidditch practice ended that day he sneaked away from the stands and went for a walk because that day he really didn't feel like studying... All homework was ready since Friday night and he couldn't have another day in the library...

He walked around the field not really caring of where he was going and not paying much attention to things. It wasn't till he heard someone talking that he came back to Earth. He looked around with that strange impression you had just heard your name being said somewhere looking for who was talking.

And there she was sitting and talking. Stephen was going there but stopped. If she was talking, she was talking to someone. Which meant she was not alone... And he highly doubted they would like to be interrupted... He looked around but there was no one else there. Maybe he just couldn't see whoever it was, maybe that person was behind the tree trunk, or somewhere farther? Stephen bit the inside of his cheek shaking his head and decided to turn around to leave. It was then he noticed some movement in the waters in the lake and even without noticing his eyes searched for the source of the disturbance. "Wow" was the only thing it escaped his mouth as his eyes widened in complete surprise and trying to tell if he was not having visions of things that weren't there...
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