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Friends with benefits

on Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:48 am
It was a depressingly bright day in early October when he arrived on her doorstep. Depressing for Selwyn, as it clashed terribly with his mood. Probably less so for Dominique, who has always had the knack of seeing the bright side of everything. He envies her.

He had not seen her since she stopped working at the school. He remembers her as one of the most sane people there, though that's hardly a ringing endorsement. There are not many sane members of staff at that school. He let the thought slide away and the nagging of his conscience along with it. Reassured himself that he isn't responsible for who Hayes hires.

That's the idea, anyway. Selwyn doesn't know if it's because of what he is, or maybe it's just that he's so fucked in the head, but letting go has never been so easy as it was supposed to be. So he was left with an itch between his shoulder blades and when a neighbour's cat darted across the road, it frightened him half to death.

He rolled his eyes at himself as he knocked on the door. Then wondered whether she would even be at home.
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Re: Friends with benefits

on Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:47 am
Dom and Rose rarely got nights to drink and catch up, and some of Rose's coworkers had invited them out. Rose, ever the realist, had taken some convincing, especially considering she had to be up and out early in the morning for work. But out they had gone, and Dom had only sent Declan three or four drunk owls the night before (the messages, of course, being drunk, not the owls) to let him know she was having a good time, loved him, and would see him the next morning once she slept off the inevitable hangover.

And she had. She still felt rotten, especially considering the fact that she hadn't gotten that drunk in... Merlin, ages. What used to be a staple of her life was now a distant memory and random outlying happenstance.

It was also new of her to actually come home. But Rose had apparated them off home and had already left, the only sign of her being the now empty carton of orange juice and what looked like an attempted breakfast before she hurried off to work on an empty stomach.

Dom had stuff she needed to get done, so despite her desire to get sleep in all day, she dragged herself into the shower and then out, pulling her hair into a neat ponytail, donning her pajamas once more as she tried to find what was left of her clothes, as most of them had migrated into the Leaky. A breakfast hash was sizzling and she trying to iron one of Rose's shirt (she wouldn't mind) when there was a knock on the door.

She fumbled for her wand, picking it up and flicking it to unlock the door. "Come in!" she yelled, assuming it was Rose who had forgotten her keys, or Declan come to check on her.
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