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Jonathan Belby
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Jonathan Belby
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New Autumn Sweet Treats Empty New Autumn Sweet Treats

on Sun Sep 17, 2017 8:36 pm
Jonathan was pleased with the new candies that he and Claire had designed for Honeydukes, but then again, the switch from retirement to candy shop owner was something that made him blissfully happy. He hadn't wanted to change much in the shop because, after all, Honeydukes was an institution all its own, wasn't it? He had taken the new treats and displayed them in the little shop, knowing that the new year at Hogwarts would surely bring students in again, and he also knew that the new season also always brought a renewed fervor for Quidditch and for school patriotism. The rivalry for house superiority would begin again, and he wanted to offer the students something that celebrated autumn and brought back nostalgia for the graduates.

He hand lettered the signs and posted them in front of the bins and on the New Items display: Snitch Snax, Quidditch Stix, Quaffle Waffles, Beater Biscuits, Bludger Beads, Goal Gummies, Keeper Chests, Seekers Secrets, and Hogwarts Sour Drops.

Snitch Snax—flying butterbeer spheres filled with a toasted caramel center. All you have to do is catch them!
Quidditch Stix—Toasted marshmallow brooms with crunchy chocolate covered graham broomsticks.
Quaffle Waffles—Warm 3 dimensional waffle shaped spheres loaded with ice cream and coated with your choice of coatings and candies.
Goal Gummies—Peer though the goals of these enchanted little gummy candies and view your friends as their favorite quidditch stars. Look through one in a mirror to see your own!
Beater Biscuits—little beater shaped cookies that never lose the warmth and aroma of chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven
Bludger Beads—noisy little round fudge candies that hop around in the box
Keeper Chests—a trunk shaped container holding a four flavored mix of tiny nibbles of autumn pie favorites—pumpkin, caramel apple, gingerbread, and cinnamon roll
Seekers’ Secrets—zippy little lozenges with a burst of energy, flavored like your favorite lattes and teas. Be careful—the energy burst only lasts for a few moments, so it may not help you with your O.W.L’s.
Chaser Chews—Hot Spiced Cider Chews—Apple flavored chewy candies filled with a magical burst of hot spiced cider. Perfect for chilly quidditch games.
Hogwarts Sour Drops—four different varieties of sour drops in each package—blue, green, red, and yellow:  Ravenclaw—blackberry;  Slytherin—lime;  Gryffindor--strawberry;  Hufflepuff—lemon orange.

He particularly liked the Snitch Snax, so he plucked one out of the large glass jars, unwrapped the gold foil with all intents of being speedy enough to catch the little butterbeer candy inside, but it zipped through his fingers and flitted around his face teasingly.

"Cheeky little buggar," he muttered, swatting at it.
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