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It is 2031 in the Wizarding World

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The Candy Man Cometh

on Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:57 pm
Hey, Y'all,

Here's the newest toy in my collections--Jonathan Belby. (He's the answer for my Ben Kingsley fettish, and I've always seen him as Marcus' father since Marcus's creation back in 2013. That's just where he belongs.)

Jonathan is the father of Marcus Belby and grandfather for Ezra Belby and Poppy Levski. †The Belbys live in a sprawling Victorian house in London, and Marcus's children live here when they're not in Hogwarts.

Just as a thumbnail sketch, Jonathan is 65, his wife's name is Claire, and they had three children--Marcus, Sadie, and Devlin (You know about Marcus. Sadie and Devlin are not taken, but I'm not opposed to someone taking them or Claire or any of the other grandchildren who aren't taken.) He's retired from St. Mungo's where he worked as a healer, particularly in obstetrics and pediatrics, and he's done some potions work. He's a former Ravenclaw, a book nerd, and he collects all sorts of wooden puzzles and puzzle boxes. He's a "greater good" sorta guy, and he won't walk away from a fight. Just sayin'.

Here's the cool part--I've requested for Jonathan and Claire to own Honeydukes. Claire (hopefully) will be the chief candy maker there, and Jonathan will run the shop--(or at least that's my plan). They will continue to the one of the PA connections for a good sugar fix. †For his part, he's done nothing to alter the Honeydukes end of the One Eyed Witch passage. What the Headmaster of Hogwarts has or has not done with it is the Headmaster's business entirely. It isn't as if the passage is a huge secret anymore anyway, is it? Or maybe it is.

Jonathan is looking for friends, customers, old mates, etc., etc. etc. †He'll be looking for wizarding candy apprentices when and if he gets Honeydukes.

If you want to read the lengthy but detailed app for him, here's the link:

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