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[OPEN] One Last Time

on Fri Sep 08, 2017 6:51 am
Once on board, Apollo looked around as he had done so long ago, when he'd last boarded the train. It was nearly impossible to miss Naomi's hair, the flash of color enough to pull the attention she pretended she didn't want. They had planned to sit with Aleksa, if only to round out the start of his new year together, considering they were the only ones who had chosen to spend their spare time with him the previous year.

So he tapped lightly on the door with his knuckles before sliding it open and stepping inside. She was sitting in the middle of the seat, as though she refused to let anyone on the platform see where she'd sat, and like she didn't want to sit too close to the train car's hallway. Apollo lifted his suitcase up onto the rack before turning towards her and sitting opposite.

"How was your summer?" He asked casually, crossing one ankle over the opposite knee.

Naomi rolled her eyes, but relaxed against the back of her seat. "Would you be surprised if I said it sucked? Not as bad as... Well, you know. But certainly dull."

"And... your sister?"

Apollo should have fixed things with Hitame but he hadn't yet. Yet another thing he needed to get around to eventually. The sooner the better, probably. But it had been so long that he wasn't sure she would even consider it if he gave it a try. So he just watched as the cloud crossed Naomi's face, and held a hand up. "Nevermind," he said, his tone oddly gentle.

Naomi leaned a little to look into the hallway. "Where's Aleksa?"

"Dunno. But if you see the Headmaster go by, let me know. I need to speak with him."



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