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BELBY, Jonathan

on Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:45 pm
They were the last people you'd expect to be involved in anything strange or mysterious, because they just didn't hold with such nonsense

   Character's Legal Name: Jonathan David Belby


   Hogwarts House:Ravenclaw

   Blood Type:halfblood


   Face claim:Ben Kingsley

...Aunt Petunia often said that Dudley looked like a baby angel - Harry often said that Dudley looked like a pig in a wig

Give a general description of your character's appearance. Consider what they look physically look like and what their fashion style is. How would we pick your character out in a crowded room?

Jonathan Belby is average height, average build, with deep brown eyes. He became annoyed with his receding hairline and took to shaving his head. Liking the look, he’s kept it now for many years. He does, however, often wear a mustache and a short-cropped goatee. In his retirement, he tends to dress casually. Some of his friends have said to him that he can still strike an imposing figure if he puts his mind to it. All it takes, though, is having children--particularly his grandchildren--nearby to melt away all attempts at being imposing, giving way to a bright, friendly smile.

......If only the hat had mentioned a house for people who felt a bit queasy, that would have been the one for him

Tell us about your character's overall personality.  How do they act on a usual day? Remember, no personality quiz results, and no copy & pasting; it must be in your own words.

Jonathan is intellectual, a lover of books. He also has a great fondness of many hobbies but his favorites are gardening, painting, and collecting puzzles of all kinds. He is polished and gentlemanly and dignified, although not terribly outgoing by nature nor loving of socialization, and especially no fondness for drama or melodrama. He can force himself to look outgoing and social if he has to, but he's much more comfortable in the circle of those he already knows and loves. It can look like an odd balancing act between the strong personality he has but yet no desire to go to social events. He is a lover of the greater good and not likely to step away from a wand fight, and he is proud and supportive of all his children's choices of jobs, including Marcus’s choice--even though he is well aware of the possible danger that comes when one’s eldest son embraces bodyguarding and international espionage. Jonathan loves children--especially his grandchildren, and he seems to lose some of his stiffness when children are around. He is unfailingly loyal to those he loves and can be quick with a wand and a fierce defender when he needs to be. He loves sarcasm—especially political sarcasm, loves fun, loves to laugh, but nothing gives him greater joy than children. The opportunity to run a candy shop in his retirement is actually a perfect fit for him, much as it might not appear so. While his wife Claire is completely contented to be the head confectioner at Honeydukes, Jonathan seems to shine as he takes care of the shop.

..................Hey! My eyes aren't 'glistening with the ghosts of my past'!

   Early Years:Jonathan was born the younger son of Seamus and Lorna(Macquire)Belby (both former Ravenclaws) and younger brother, by 2 1/2 years, to Damocles Belby. Jonathan’s mother was a feisty Irish ginger, and Jonathan has fond memories of visiting his maternal grandparents in rural Ireland. The Belby family had a small country house on the edge of a woods. Seamus Belby was the owner of a small independent distillery that made small prized batches of exceptional firewhiskey, and Lorna worked as the blend master in the distillery. Ironically, when they weren’t working, neither Seamus or Lorna drank, except a glass on a special occasion.

Jonathan’s days were spent either in school, reading, or playing in the woods with Damocles and some of the other area boys. He was far more perfectionistic than his brother who was hot tempered and competitive. Since many of the other boys in the areas were Damocles' age, Damocles did not like his younger brother always tagging around with him, and he responded with aggression and bullying. Jonathan began to pay sharp attention to his personal appearance, to details about where he put things, how he said things, and could be reluctant to any activity he felt would make him look awkward, particularly around his brother.  He expected himself to get things "right," all the time, every time, and left no margin for himself for error.

The spats between the brothers became increasingly intense, and fistfights often broke out between them, leaving Damocles feeling superior and Jonathan feeling bitter, angry, and moody. When Seamus and Lorna saw the fighting, they would intervene, but it was clear that Damocles seemed to be able to make Jonathan on edge just by being in the same house, and since Damocles had more of an ability to look charming and charismatic, Jonathan was sometimes erroneously seen as the overly defensive problem child. Not seeing what was really going on, Seamus and Lorna struggled to teach Jonathan how to not be so anxious about everything needing to be "just so,", wondering where they had “gone wrong” with the boy, and searched for a way to "fix" him. Jonathan overheard them. It did not help him to know that his parents thought he was no longer completely acceptable. Instead of being helpful, their beliefs that they’d buggared him up somehow only resulted in making the sensitive Jonathan more anxious. It quickly all became a downward cyclical spiral.

Certainly, perfection was certainly nothing the Belbys ever asked of their children, and Seamus was the one who finally began to wonder if Jonathan struggled to be perfect in order to satisfy Damocles’ “spirited nature,” as Lorna called it. Because Seamus and Lorna valued a wide variety of learning, they hoped that they could redirect the boys by exposing them to “higher learning.” Family holiday trips were often designed with some sort of education experience for the boys in mind, as difficult as it was to sometimes keep the peace between the “bossy” Damocles (as Jonathan often called him) and the sometimes-too-accommodating Jonathan. During one of those trips, seven year old Jonathan picked up, for a few pence, a used muggle paperback book on speed reading techniques and gave it to his father as a birthday gift. After all, what could be better to a bookworm than being able to read more books and do it faster? The little book was destined later to be a more significant thing to Jonathan than it was to his father.

  Hogwarts Years:It was Damocles’ more assertive personality and his thirst for leadership that, in part, caused him to go counter to Belby tradition and be sorted into Gryffindor, leaving Jonathan to be anxious and clueless about what to expect when he himself would be sorted. Seamus and Lorna was actually grateful when Damocles was placed in Gryffindor, hoping that Hogwarts could mellow their eldest son in a way that they had not been able to do, hoping the Gryffindors would be more of Damocles' "own kind." At 11, though, Jonathan confused his abilities to be brave as being the same characteristic as his brother’s aggression, despite how the comparison made Jonathan miserable about himself. He expected, with no small amount of dread, that he would be also grouped into Gryffindor. However, when he was sorted into Ravenclaw like his parents, he breathed a sigh of relief, feeling all was well with the world again. While Damocles’ placement in Gryffindor had been a cause of some celebration in the family, Jonathan’s placement went comparatively lackluster because his parents seemed to interpret it as merely a normal thing for a Belby.

Ravenclaw was a sanctuary for him, and as much as the studious house was a comfort, he relished in the vast library of the school far more. It was his favorite place in the castle, and had he been left to his own devices, he'd have gladly put his cot in between the bookcases and been completely content. Either way, he found it was a large castle, and he could separate himself from Damocles almost enough--almost. He borrowed his father’s book on speed reading and developed the ability to read a stack of books that astounded his not-speed-reading house mates. His fellow Ravenclaws seemed to be fixated on top marks, and it did not take long for Jonathan to be self-conscious about his own grades. He was a hard-working perfectionistic student, becoming despondent and anxious if even the smallest assignment did not earn an outstanding mark, and initially he struggled in learning how to pace himself with his workload, often studying to exhaustion.

His difficulties had remained fairly off the Hogwarts radar until, in his second year, he had a nasty broom crash at broom practice, crashing in the clock tower courtyard and breaking not only his broom but his left leg and his left collarbone as well. He was taken to the hospital wing, and it was then that any efforts he had made to keep his struggles to do everything and excel at it were brought to light, much to his dismay. When the hospital wing healer examined Jonathan and saw the underlying physical exhaustion, she reported her concern to the Ravenclaw head of house, who mentioned it to Headmaster Dippet.

Dippet went to see Jonathan in the hospital wing and told him that his behavior could not continue, and initially Jonathan somewhat misread the Headmaster’s words and felt as though he were in even deeper trouble and he quickly agreed to whatever Dippet wanted, merely as a means to try to please. When the head of Ravenclaw house visited, he found the 12 year old boy even more reserved than was typical, and the professor was able to not only rephrase Dippet’s harsh sounding words, but with some nurturing that Jonathan seemed to thrive on. Their conversations while Jonathan was in the hospital wing resulted in the professor deciding to take Jonathan underwing to teach him balance and to give Jonathan some sense of self that was not tied to accommodating others, helping him to understand how to be secure within himself and to let go of much of his self-condemnation. It was the professor who loaned Jonathan some wooden puzzles to help him while away the days in the hospital wing. Jonathan developed an affinity for them, and when friends and family knew that, it began a lifelong collection of wooden puzzles and puzzles boxes of all kinds for him.

The balance of work and life and the importance of friends were lessons that created a turning point for him, and it impacted him enough that he was able to put a part of the troubles from his younger years behind him. Although the anger with Damocles would not ease for many years, school was easier when he wasn't so driven by his own inner demons. made a commitment that if he ever had children he would make sure they would not make the same mistake. He began to distance a bit from his parents, not because he had any ill will for them, but rather because when he was home on holidays or summers, he had truly no clue what they expected from him. Nor did he have desire to be in such close quarters to Damocles because the sparring still broke out too frequently for Jonathan's likings, and he knew it might only be a matter of time before one or the other of them disregarded the castle prohibition on magic outside of Hogwarts in order to turn one's wand against the other. It made him uncomfortable, feeling like he didn't belong. He began to notice life outside himself with a different perspective--a less negative expectation of life , and it felt like fresh air to him. With the encouragement of his mentor, Jonathan agreed to try to make some friends, starting with members of his own house and then expanding to others, and then expanding to some socialization by joining some school clubs that would share Jonathan’s love of the intellectual. Jonathan accepted suggestions to join the gobstones club, the charms club and the ancient runes club and was an avid wizard chess player. It didn't take long before he could find friends who not only allowed him to be himself but liked him for it, flaws and all.

    After Hogwarts:Jonathan didn't feel as happy as he wanted to be about leaving Hogwarts. It had been the safest and happiest place he had ever known. Upon graduation from Hogwarts, though, to try to ensure that he would not return to the same person he was before Hogwarts, Jonathan took a room in a London boarding house run by an elderly witch who had worked for decades at Flourish and Blotts. She took a liking to Jonathan because he had such a love for books and for wizard chess. She even reduced his rent a little because he treated her well, was always quick to help with any chore that needed to be done, and would spend many nights engaged with her over a chess game.

He took a job working in St. Mungo’s initially in the potions lab, unfortunately assigned to work alongside his brother, but soon found he preferred working as a healer instead, not just because he could escape Damocles, but also because he felt an intrinsic worth that surpassed the reward of a paycheck. The job allowed him to start an account at Gringotts, and, with his landlady's generosity, he was able to start an aggressive savings account, squirreling away any little bit that he did not absolutely need.

On a rainy early spring afternoon, he met a beautiful young blonde muggle woman named Claire Edgington who was working in a little London muggle tea and pastry shop where he'd dashed into, by chance, to escape the downpour. Suddenly he had a lot more reasons to go buy tea and biscuits. He was enchanted by Claire's beautiful face, her warm personality, and her brilliant mind. She seemed to be a strong, resilient woman that adapted well to the wizarding world and the whole concept of magic. Despite not being magical, Claire loved the wizarding world and told Jonathan that the wizarding world was like an incredible dream for her that she never wanted to wake from, and for his part, he couldn't seem have any dream at night without seeing her in it. It did not take them long to become serious, and within their first year, they were married quietly at a small sunrise wedding on a Brighton beach. The wedding went fairly well until Damocles’ pureblood date started a squabble with the muggle bride over the bride's non magical status, and it caused the two brothers to have a bitter row that, left unresolved, separated them for the next twenty years. Damocles left St. Mungo’s, and Jonathan lost track of him. Even when they were able to put a bit of a patch on the relationship, they remained a bit icy and distant. It felt no great loss to Jonathan since he had never been bosom buddies with Damocles to begin with.

Determined to get his own life on track, Jonathan and Claire bought a large sprawling old Victorian house in a middle-class neighborhood and restored it, finally deciding to start a family. Jonathan could not look at the prospects of having children in a small house that would force the children to always feel on top of each other. The large house would give them space, hopefully, to be happy in.They had three children: Marcus, Sadie (born 4 years after Marcus), and Devlin (born 7 years after Marcus). Jonathan loved being a father, and he was determined to be not only a good provider but a good father. He was devoted to his children, and he loved spending time with them, wanting a warm, intimate household. He encouraged Claire to quit her job because they didn’t truly need the money from a second income and because working meant, for Claire, being away from her children and made her miserable.  Claire loved being a homemaker, and she became a proficient cook, baker, and candy maker.

As the children grew up and entered Hogwarts, being predominantly absent now from the Belby home, Claire began earning some extra cash making cakes and candies out of her home for special occasions. Much as people liked her cakes, they liked her homemade candies even more. Jonathan encouraged her to take some part time courses in candy making as a hobby, and he savored every moment of his “alone time” with the children.

Watching the children graduate Hogwarts was joyous for Jonathan and Claire. Marcus entered wizarding law enforcement, eventually moving into the Department of Mysteries and moving into personal protections work. Jonathan and Claire were part of the very precious few that knew truly what Marcus did and the dangers that came with it. Sadie took a position teaching music at the Wizarding Academy of the Dramatic Arts, and Devlin went joined the offices of the professional quidditch league, working in league operations.

Off all his children’s choice in spouses, Jonathan had never liked Marcus’ choice of a wife. He found Evelyn to be cold, manipulative, selfish, unfaithful, brash, a spendthrift, and, frankly, flaky.  Not understanding what Marcus could have ever found redeeming in her, Jonathan found it hard to have a good word about her, believing Marcus was merely infatuated with her,  so Jonathan worked hard to keep his mouth shut and let his son make his own successes or mistakes. He could do nothing but offer Marcus support as he watched Marcus’s marriage slowly disintegrate as Evelyn proved to have multiple affairs and ran through Marcus's money, no matter how fast he earned it. Not that Jonathan approved, but he also kept quiet about the fact that he knew full well that Evelyn's foul personality made it quite easy for Marcus to pursue a number of "indiscretions" himself, most often while he was on a mission. It caused Jonathan and Claire much concern, however delighted that he and Claire were that Marcus and Evelyn had gifted them with four beautiful grandchildren, adding to the three that Sadie had and the two that Devlin had.

Then, Marcus returned one day from a mission to find Evelyn simply had abandoned them to pursue a fling with a rich playboy of a wizard, leaving the four Belby toddler children without supervision and care for nearly four days. When Marcus found them, the tots were dirty, hungry, sad, and frightened. Jonathan and Claire were just as outraged as Marcus was, and they immediately took the children and Marcus into their home, more than willing to raise the grandchildren when Marcus was working. Marcus’s well-paying job would comfortably provide all they would need. Marcus legally separated from Evelyn, taking sole custody of his children, and he sold his house, in favor of keeping a room at his parents’ home as a place to go in between missions. Everyone has become comfortable with the less than conventional arrangement, and they see no need to change it. Marcus’s job now affords him live-in privileges at the Lupins but he still uses the room with his parents for his off-time when he stays there to spend time with his children. When Jonathan learned that Marcus had been surprised with an illegitimate daughter, Poppy, by Marcus's old flame Ana Levski, Jonathan was not surprised, and welcomed Poppy into the family as if she had always been a part of them.  

Out of Character
I'm Harry's half-sister, Dumbledore's daughter, Voldemort's niece, Sirius' cousin, Snape's daughter and Lupin's great grandmother...

   What should we call you:Khaat, Khaaty, Hey You…whatever works.

   RP Experience:a tad bit

   How you found us:Bing, I believe

   Main Character (we'll PM you on this account):Khaaty

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Re: BELBY, Jonathan

on Fri Sep 08, 2017 12:23 am
PM sent
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Re: BELBY, Jonathan

on Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:12 pm
Cool, he's sorted. Don't forget to make your claims
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Re: BELBY, Jonathan

on Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:19 pm
Thank you! I did restrain myself, actually. he's been in my head so long that I really coulda written the whole Jonathan Belby biography, and I know you don't want to have to read through all that.

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