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Simon Marek
Durmstrang Graduate
Durmstrang Graduate
Simon Marek
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[OPEN] Housemates Empty [OPEN] Housemates

on Sat Sep 02, 2017 6:59 am
Considering how complicated his finances were, Simon was grateful to have found a place in Ipswich that was somehow better than his London flat. Then again, his old apartment was absolutely rubbish, so it wasn't all that surprising, in hindsight.

At any rate, he had taken the second floor of a two story, condo-turned-separate-apartments building. He didn't have a better phrase for it, unfortunately, and that one was a total pain. Perhaps something would come to mind later on.

It was as he started levitating things upstairs that he heard someone shuffling around in the downstairs flat. Perhaps he would finally meet his downstairs neighbor. The obvious fear was that whoever it was would recognize him, and that was really something he hadn't been forced to deal with in a while. Nearly a year, in fact. He'd managed to get the landlord to agree to a lease despite his criminal record, particularly given the case that had been made for him by a certain influential friend of his.

That, however, would likely mean nothing to whoever lived there. Simon decided that, actually, perhaps he better not meet them just yet. He continued to move and organize the little furniture he had, accepting the fact that his flat would end up being rather sparse. It saved money, and considering how hard a time he'd had getting a job, it made more sense to live that way.

Luck was not on his side, though. As he went down to pick up his last box, collecting it in his arms rather than lifting it with his wand, the front door to the downstairs flat opened, and he stopped short.

"Um. Hello."
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