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Update Fixes! Empty Update Fixes!

on Sat Sep 02, 2017 2:57 am
Hello, all! Curious what all we've gotten up to? I'm sure you've seen the skin change for the forum, but below you'll find a list of everything we've changed/done over the past several hours.

Be sure to dig through the new links you see on the forum index - some awesome surprises await you!

Open the first Spoiler Code below the list if you want more info on the new changes/areas, or on the second one to see new event/open threads!


  • Skin/Background Change (Send all your oooh's and ahhh's Selwyn's direction! Because SERIOUSLY, how cool is our skin?)
  • Refreshed Game Threads
  • Removed Classroom Threads/Added Professor Offices
  • Updated Subforum Links
  • Added New Housing Locations
  • Added New Streets & Venues in Diagon and Knockturn Alley (to make up for those we took out, and so people can live in those areas)
  • Cleaned Out Old Threads
  • Posted Start-Of-The-School-Year Threads & Open Threads
  • Quidditch Fundraiser Event Started
  • Hogwarts Express Opened
  • Apprentice Matching Thread (in Employment Claims)
  • Updated the Characters By Year list

Extra Info About Each Change:

NEW SKIN--First, we give big kudos to Selwyn for an absolutely amazing new skin. We’re in love with the new look to the board, and we hope you love it as much as we do! Selwyn, it is incredible. Thank you soooo much!

HOGWARTS CHANGES--Second, we’ve changed Hogwarts for this coming school year. This year, instead of focusing on classes, student threads will focus on individual assignments and encounters with their professors. It has always been difficult for us to run group classes, so it will be largely assumed that group classes are continuing as always, but for play purposes, we’ll be encouraging lots more personal plotting sorts of threads with interactions directly between staff and students.

HOGWARTS EXPRESS--The train will, of course, be boarding at Kings Cross, and we couldn’t bypass this iconic trip to herald the start of the school year. However, this year, because of the Invermorny debacle last year, Hogwarts staff and Ministry aurors will be on board the train to make sure that Hogwarts’ precious passengers reach the castle in safety. We encourage students, Hogwarts staff, and Ministry aurors to board the train now!

NEIGHBORHOODS!!!--you’ll see big changes in the Personal Houses area. We’ve actually added—wait for it—Neighborhoods! Can you believe it? There are six new neighborhoods in all. There are three in Personal Houses—Rarity Row (for the pureblood and/or rich folks), Ipswich Estates (a pleasant middle class wizarding area), and Meagre Mews (low cost housing for those wizards and witches that struggle making ends meet).

Not to be outdone, London has two neighborhoods as well—Parallel Path, which runs off Diagon Alley, and Warped Way, which runs off Knockturn Alley. Parallel Path is an urban neighborhood that will appeal to artists, actors, and lovers of nightlife and clubs. Warped Way is a very comfortable place for some of those who prefer urban dark arts lifestyles or for more criminal activity.

Last but not least, there is a new neighborhood off Hogsmeade—Hogsmeade Village, which is just the place for those folks who want a country lifestyle. Ever wanted to have a country cottage or a farm? This might just be the place you’ve been looking for.

However, if you really have a hankering to be a wizard in a muggle world, we now have the place for you. In The Rest of the World, you have the ability now to select between living anywhere in the muggle world, or anywhere in the wizarding world.

NEW PLAY LOCATIONS--New play locations are also on the board. In Parallel Path, we now have a wizarding theater! (I’m so excited). The Phoenix Theater is the place for live theater performances, live bands, concerts, and other fine arts events. It is close to the Gentlemen’s Club which is a time honored mens club for some great cigars, a few drinks, and good conversation. We don’t know what happens upstairs there, so we’re not talking about it. After dark, though, the Club opens to the after-theater set for drinks and dinner. And we’re still not talking about the upstairs.

In Warped Way, there are two new shops—The Angry Ogre Inn and Felberta’s Fabulous Finds. The Angry Ogre Inn is a small restaurant serving good diner style food. It’s not fancy—after all, this is off Knockturn Alley. The Ogre also has older but clean rooms for rent.  Felberta prides herself on stocking her store with the best shabby chic furnishings and knickknacks in the wizarding world. Watch what you say to Felberta, though. Rumor has it that she fences “hot” goods, and she won’t appreciate you bringing it up to her.

NEW JOB TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES--Now, as to jobs and apprenticeships—We know that some folks would like to work in the wizarding world but frankly, they have no clue how to rp those jobs out. We also need more apprentices, so, we’ve created a location for you to go and request to have your character rp some job training with another character who can mentor yours. We do not want any player feeling like they don’t have enough opportunities to open their personal plotting possibilities, so this is just another way to do this.

NEW FALL EVENT--And, we’ve launched a new Fall event for you to get involved in. There's a charity quidditch match for you to go participate in, as a player, as a vendor, or as a spectator--whatever. The proceeds of this match will go to fund supplies for needy Hogwarts students, since the need for protection on the train is higher than ever. It's a great place to show your love and support of everything Hogwarts!

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Selwyn Thorfinn
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Update Fixes! Empty Re: Update Fixes!

on Sun Sep 17, 2017 2:34 am
Some of you have noticed that the word counter wasn't added to some of our new forums. I've taken that code out completely and now you can check your word count in the sidebar instead.

If you can't see the sidebar, I like this wordcount app
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate
Khaat Lupin
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Update Fixes! Empty Re: Update Fixes!

on Sun Sep 17, 2017 2:55 am
Thank you, Selwyn! Nice to see the word counter back!

Update Fixes! Mki25h
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Update Fixes! Empty Re: Update Fixes!

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