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Little lady, come and fade me Empty Little lady, come and fade me

on Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:17 pm
What the hell am I doing?

Why she can't see I'm the right person for her?

That crazy bi*ch.

I hate her.

Echo was repeating these sentences like the mantra. It was so hard to understand why Katrien choose Alejandro. Echo was the right person for her.
Hell, he would give her all stars from the sky, he would die for her. But that obviously wasn't enough.

So that was the reason why he was now drinking his tenth vodka in the Satan's night club.
He just wanted to forget, but can he?

Maybe he just needs some fun and then he will be fine. And the fun was where the girls are.
He was in the bar where innocent girls would never come, so every girl he saw was the right choice. He saw one girl who looked pretty enough for flirting.

He came over to her and put the best smile on his face.
"Well, hello angel."
Meridian Chang
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Slytherin Graduate
Meridian Chang
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Little lady, come and fade me Empty Re: Little lady, come and fade me

on Fri Aug 25, 2017 6:14 pm
Meridian always hated bachelorette parties. And parties. And bachelors. However this time she couldn't find an excuse good enough to avoid coming here, not when one of her coworkers who turned best friend decided to tie the knot and didn't want to accept a no as an answer. That's why she was here, standing next to the bar with a half fool glass of Pegasus Glow (she tried to get a reciepe from a barmen six drinks ago but the man wouldn't bug) surrounded with tons of people and feeling as lost and alone as she felt when she was kicked out from her job place.

People thought she avoided drinking because she simply didn't like alcohol, but in truth, she avoided it because the alcohol would always turn her in an emotional wreck. Wanting to cry because she forgotten to change a toilet paper roll in one second and wanting to laugh and hug every single person she sees in the next.

She was in her happy phase at the moment when someone joined her at the bar so she turned around with a million dollar smile on her face only because he called her an angel, something that cheeesy would piss her sober self in an instant but right now, she loved it and she felt like she had to prove just how much. Leaving her drink out of her sight, something she would never usually do, she jumped and hugged the man in front of her, her eyes glossy. „Thank you, honey. I love apples, by the way.“ It was an important information he simply had to know, right? „Have we met earlier? I am Meri, and I'm so happy to meet you.“ Meridian finally let him go, stumbling backwards and catching the end of the bar to help her steady herself. „What do you think about Mongolian climate?“
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