roll away your stone I will roll away mine

roll away your stone I will roll away mine

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closed roll away your stone I will roll away mine

Post by Lily Luna Potter on Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:39 pm


She had whispered the word during lonely nights, had admonished herself with it when her eyes wandered his way in the Great Hall, had used it as an affirmative phrase to remain optimistic, for once in her life looking forward to her least favorite seasons. It had felt worlds away, an empty promise to never materialize, but thank Merlin it had finally come.

She had spent so long thinking about the summer that she had no idea what to do with it once it had actually arrived. Her mind had worked overtime to conjure complications and obstacles that may appear, but when it came to actually finding ways to enjoy the sunny season, her mind came to a screeching halt. With the looming threat of her return to the school, she felt pressed to fill the time out, but she invariably landed on reruns of cooking shows and curling up in bed. They couldn't exactly go out together without real preparation, so the time Apollo was home was spent making meals together, talking about books, and reminding each other how happy they were that the school year was over.

But Apollo worked, and work was stealing him away more and more often. She couldn't complain, and she probably never would, especially considering how much he had grown already in just a few weeks under the tutelage of his new mentor. Lily worried, because she could see his focus becoming more and more fixed upon his cases, even when he was back home with her, but she also couldn't help but feel excited for him as he chased after his calling.

Unfortunately, nothing was calling her. And as he got stuck at the hospital for longer and longer hours, Lily found herself restless. So she apparated away from the flat and strolled through artistic neighborhoods. She haunted farmer's markets for fresh ingredients that she'd refuse to ruin with her cooking methods. She found a small cinema that played classic French films. She visited art galleries and loitered in libraries. Anything to reduce her sense of idleness and increase her sense of fulfilment.

But there were the nights when she came home and Apollo still wasn't home, and there was a note waiting saying he was staying late, he was sorry, he loved her. So she'd attempt to make dinner before admitting defeat and ordering take out. She'd clean a new corner of the flat, she'd get laundry done. But she ran out of projects and settled into a chair with a book, determined to relax. But something within her would grip her, a ghostly reminder of her mortality or perhaps an unrealized ambition, some sense of More. Book slipping from her hand as dark eyes drifted towards the window, chin caught lightly between her fingertips as her expression began to slip-

And then Apollo would stumble through the door, exhausted and haunted by whichever horrors he had conquered or been conquered by that day. And he was pulling her into his arms or she was slipping herself around him, reminding him to eat while he recounted his day, and she breathed him and enjoyed this part of life, the part she shared with him.

She didn't know why it connected today. Why she remembered who she was, why she felt driven to go back to her old flat, put in her notice to leave, and began to pack it up. She threw out the old mattress, folded up the leftover clothes and sheets, shrunk the books down to fit inside one suitcase.

In the back of her closet was a small chest she had become very protective over years before. Inside, a small bottle of brandy, a collection of Sugar and Spice, a few pill bottles. Her hands felt cold as she turned over one of the bottles, fingers smoothing down the label.

The toilet was old so it took two flushes to make her old temptations disappear.

Melissa Weasley was surprised to see Lily Luna Potter on her doorstep, but Charlie was quick to usher her in, speaking casually and comfortably in a way that made Lily wonder if he hadn't heard anything about her. She was sure that he had to know she was a werewolf now, a former junkie, a current teacher. That she had fallen out with his daughter. But as Melissa went to call Casey down, one wouldn't know it in how easily he commiserated with her on the stuffiness of the weather that day.

She and Casey sat on the old swingset, toes digging into the dirt. Lily watched her cousin out of the side of her eye. The girl had gotten slimmer, having once been a stocky creature. But she was beginning to get some height on her, and her figure was beginning to become more feminine. She had cut her hair back to a chin length, though, and there was a particular hardness in her eyes that she had always been capable of but not been committed to.

An apology would never be enough. And also not quite accurate. Lily couldn't apologize for the passage of time. For the changing of people. But for bungled priorities, for situations she wasn't strong enough to control, and for her own uncertainty, she did apologize. Casey heaved a shrug and assured her that she had long ago stopped needing an apology.

"But still."

They shared a deep breath and their eyes slid over to the old tent that was moreorless always erected in the backyard.

"You still sleep out here during the summer?"

The ghost of a smirk twitched against the corner of Casey's mouth. "Still drives mum bonkers too."

Lily grinned. "Maybe I'll join you one of these weekends then."

Casey shook her head. "You don't have to do that."

"I like camping-"

"No, you don't have to make up lost time or try to go back or whatever. It's okay. I'm fine, and I know you have other things."

Lily stared as Casey tried to work a rock out of the ground with her shoe, before giving her a dry, "okay." She wanted to think that she and Casey could retain their intimacy, could be teammates again and spend hours and hours in each other's company, but she could barely even imagine what that would look like. They had both become very different people, each change she hoped to be for the better, and their lives had extended to other places. It wasn't necessarily a sad thing but she did feel a mournful sensation deep in her chest, even as her younger cousin continued to prove her strength in the level gaze she finally brought back to her.

Lily offered a small, bracing smile and then gave her a thoughtful look. "Can you still forge your brother's handwriting?"

Casey arched an eyebrow, lifting her chin with curiosity. "Sure. Why?"


Hey mate, I just saw your brother the other day, had a quick chat with him - James, that is. I've been thinking, and I kicked it around with Audrey too to make sure I'm not totally off base, but I think it's time you gave it another shot. I haven't seen Albus around, or much of Lily, but I maybe just start with James. I think you've underestimated how much he and the others may want a reconciliation too. I'd wager they just don't know what to say. That bloody Weasley pride, right?
Anyway, that pride never was a match from a good ol' Teddy-talking-to.

Just a thought.


She got a letter from Casey not three days later. Found a note back, stole it before Sawyer could see it and ask questions. James is popping round for dinner next Thursday.

Lily kept wanting to tell Apollo, but to do that meant that she would have to explain the lengths she had gone to, all because she didn't know how to tell her brothers she wanted to see them. She didn't know what to say, what words even fit together that might come close to how she felt. She hadn't included Albus because she felt that if she could be brave enough to do it the right way with any of them, it might have been best with the one brother who felt the most outside the rest of the family. But for her biggest brothers, the ones that had big smiles and a little less baggage, she thought it might be best to rip the bandaid right off.

But 'hi can we have dinner and pretend we're all cool' didn't sound right. So she concocted and executed her plan with the help of Casey, and when Thursday came, she prepared to tell Apollo, because it was now or never.

But the Minister needed him to come in early, and she gave him a kiss and told him to go, told him she might be out late for dinner but she'd probably still beat him home. And when he was gone, she took a deep breath.

Teddy approached the door, thinking it was dumb to be nervous to see his brother. His summer had been going well so far, surprisingly well, with more time to spend with a particular blonde that filled his stomach with butterflies and his fragile heart with reassurances. He had not expected an upset to this happy stability, especially in the form of a letter pushing him to reconnect with one of his brothers. But the thought had wriggled its way into his mind and, upon the cautious but optimistic recommendation from Avery Bishop that he trust himself to do the right thing, he reached out to James Potter, asking if he'd like to stop by for a drink and some food.

His original plan had been chicken alfredo and wine - before remembering that this was his brother, not Avery - and he opted instead for some stuffed peppers and beer.

He took a breath. And opened the door.

What was the worst that could happen? How much more fragmented could they all become?
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closed Re: roll away your stone I will roll away mine

Post by James Potter on Sat Jul 15, 2017 5:23 pm

It was one thing, of course, to get a letter from a family member that he heard from regularly. His aunt Hermione, for example. But it was entirely another to hear from the elder god-brother that James thought had abandoned them. To be fair, the age gap was a problem. That he could forgive, since they had been in school when everything started to go downhill. But everyone else had left them, and yet their own brother had done the same. What was James supposed to do? After all, he coped through humor, and most people didn't get it.

He seriously doubted that Teddy had ever understood it.

And yet the letter came. A dinner was requested, and James wanted to give something a shot. If it went badly, at least he could say they'd tried to mend whatever fences had been torn apart over the years.

So, yes. He would go to see Teddy. However reluctantly, he put on something halfway decent and debated whether or not he was supposed to bring something with him to his own brother's house. Probably not, right?

The dilemma held him up for most of the morning, actually, and in the end he decided that, if there were no lady to bring flowers to, alcohol would have to do. Scotch it was, then.

When he got home from an actually rather dull day at work, he put on something he was certain looked casual. Casual enough for two brothers getting together to eat and catch up. That's what this should have been, after all: normal. So he would try and pretend, for a bit, that it was. But that didn't change the fact, he reminded himself, that acting all average and boring wasn't how he managed to get along in life. Teddy would probably think he was just faking it. And he wouldn't be wrong. So who knew?

At any rate, he arrived at Teddy's door after far, far too much thought about the whole thing. It was a free dinner, right? May as well. So he was there, one hand in his jacket pocket and the other around the neck of the scotch bottle, ready when the door opened. Or, he thought he was ready.

"Uh, hey," James offered lamely. He bit down on his tongue to keep from throwing out what he wanted to. Long time no see would win him no favors. So he held up his hand instead, liquor in tow. "I brought this."

Wow. You don't say, James?
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