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Seventh Year Slytherin
Seventh Year Slytherin
Apollo Zabini
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03 -- Magical Abilities

on Fri Jun 16, 2017 6:02 pm
Magical Abilities

There are three levels to every character ability:

  • Beginner - a N.E.W.T student or a character who is new to an ability
  • Intermediate - a character with a decent level of control and experience
  • Advanced - a character with particular skill, control and experience

All players are reminded that abuse of abilities within threads may lead to that ability being rescinded.

A history is required before these abilities can be accepted and a role play is also required to see them in action. For cases where the character has learnt the ability via active RP we will accept links to the pertinent threads in place of an RP sample.

Think carefully before applying because students may only apply for a maximum of two abilities and graduates four.

Green Abilities:
Abilities that every character can learn.  You do not have to apply for these abilities and they will not appear on the list.  Your character is free to use these abilities once they reach the age of 17.

Non Verbal Magic

  • The use of a spell without the incantation being spoken aloud.
  • Non verbal spells are usually weaker than their verbal counterparts.
  • May not be combined with wandless magic or the unforgivables.


  • Characters who leave Hogwarts before they turn 17 should arrange to learn through the Ministry or an employer.
  • Allows the caster to disappear from one location and reappear almost instantly in another.
  • Requires a wand
  • Requires the caster to be familiar with the location they are apparating to (ie, your character cannot apparate to a location they have not at least seen before).
  • Some areas, such as the Ministry and Hogwarts have anti-apparition wards.  These places cannot be apparated into.
  • Beginners can only apparate a few miles at a time.
  • Inter-continental apparition is illegal, and practically impossible without killing yourself anyway.
  • Incomplete apparition resulting in injury is known as splinching.

Wandless Magic

  • Should be taught through RP with a mentor
  • The ability to cast spells without a wand.
  • An incantation must be used.
  • May be volatile.
  • Weaker than wand aided spells.

Orange Abilities:
Abilities that are learned, but require training. These abilities can only be applied for by characters over the age of 15. When applying, describe what kind of training the character went through, and include a brief roleplay sample of the ability's use.


  • The ability to sift through another person's emotions and memories.
  • Does not confer the ability to read thoughts.
  • Requires eye contact
  • Can be fought with occlumency


  • The ability to shield your mind from invasion or manipulation
  • Known to counter legilimency, memory manipulation and veritaserum
  • Requires intense concentration
  • Disrupted by powerful emotions

NOTE: Remember to tell us your character's animagus form and identifying markings in their app

  • The ability to transform into a certain animal at will
  • Animagus forms have distinctive markings
  • The animal form is determined by a person's personality and inner traits
  • Animagi do not take the form of magical creatures
  • Animagi who do not register with the Ministry of Magic are considered illegal


  • Specialist in the creation of magical devices, OR wands, OR flying brooms.
  • Needs to have gone through an apprenticeship to learn the craft.

Energy Worker

  • The ability to use one's own energy to affect others
  • Requires physical contact
  • Mostly used in the healing professions
  • User must properly ground themself to prevent taking on negative energies
  • Cannot be used to heal one's self

Red Abilities:
Abilities that are strictly graduate only. Applications will be held to a very high standard, and require a description of training and a roleplay sample of the ability's use.

Memory Manipulation

  • The ability to alter another's memories or plant false memories
  • Sub branch of legilimency
  • Can be resisted with training


  • The ability to communicate with deceased souls
  • Cannot compel these souls to answer, or do their bidding

Elemental Magic

  • The ability to manipulate elements
  • Beginners can only manipulate the element they have an affinity with
  • Advanced users may learn to manipulate a secondary element
  • Elemental magic users can never learn to manipulate the element in direct opposition to the one they are naturally inclined towards (ie, Earth & Air or Fire & Water)

Portkey Creation

  • The ability to turn an object into a portkey
  • The object is usually junk, or some other easily overlooked item
  • Must have a license from the Ministry for Magic

The Unforgivables

  • The ability to successfully cast any of the Unforgivable Curses
  • Characters without this ability may attempt to cast these curses but will be unsuccessful
  • Requires relish or enjoyment of the victim's suffering
  • Cannot be cast silently or wandlessly
  • Please take your character's personality into account when applying for this ability

Inherited Abilities:
These abilities require a brief history outlining the path of the ability throughout the character's lineage, as well as a description of training and roleplay sample of the ability's use.


  • The ability to change one's appearance without the use of spells or potions
  • Must register with the Ministry of Magic
  • Appearance may be affected by emotional state

OOC RULE:  If your character's vision will affect a significant portion of the site, it must be cleared with the admins first.

  • One who can see the future and only the future, with their inner eye
  • Seers must register with the Ministry for Magic.
  • "True Seers" are unable to control when they have prophecies or what those prophecies relate to
  • True seers cannot remember their own prophecies, however under certain conditions they can repeat them, if in the company of the person the prophecy was intended for
  • Prophecies are always witnessed.  The witness must report the prophecy to the Ministry for Magic.

Heightened Sensitivity

  • Possessed of senses heightened beyond the limits of normal human perception.
  • Strictly limited to the present information
  • Heightened sensitivity in one sense makes heightened sensitivity in other senses more likely.

Ancestral Medium

  • The ability to communicate with the souls of one's ancestors
  • Likely to enlist the help of a "spirit guide"
  • Souls are more likely to answer an ancestral medium than a regular medium due to the blood bond.

Astral Projection

  • Ability to deliberately separate the consciousness from the body for a limited time
  • While separated, the soul is invisible to those without Heightened Sensitivity
  • Astral forms can pass through solid objects, but not certain magical wards
  • Cannot travel too far from the physical body, the distance varies according to experience (and death may result)
  • The body is unconscious (obviously) while the astral form is separated
  • Astral projectors must register with the Ministry

Lingua Animalia

  • The ability to speak with a type of animal in their own tongue.
  • This can be either one species (snakes, wolves, etc) or a whole class (mammals, birds, reptiles, etc) of animals

Ecological Empath

  • The ability to sense the overall wellbeing of one's immediate natural environment

[tr][td]Character's Name[/td]
[td]Ability 1[/td]
[td]Ability 2[/td]
[td]Ability 3[/td]
[td]Ability 4[/td]

DO NOT delete any part of the bbcode, even if you are applying for fewer than four abilities.


[b]Skill in that ability:[/b] (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
[b]Brief RP:[/b]



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Seventh Year Slytherin
Seventh Year Slytherin
Apollo Zabini
Seventh Year

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Re: 03 -- Magical Abilities

on Fri Jun 16, 2017 6:02 pm
Approved Abilities

Aaron MarchetiLegilimencyOcclumency
Addison BarlowmetamorphagusLingua Animalia (canis lupus)
Adrian BlanchardAnimagus (squirrel)Alchemy (broom maker)Unforgivables
Angelique PyritesLegilimencyEnergy Worker
Angus DonohueEcological Empath
Augusta TrelawneyAncestral Medium
Brant CrawfordAstral Projection
Brian QuinnEnergy WorkerPortkey Creation
Caelani BittelUnforgivables
Destrey AshcroftUnforgivables
Elijah KrumOcclumencyAnimagus (cat)Lingua Animalia (parselmouth)
Evengeline MontoyaMetamorphmagus
Fenrir GreybackUnforgivables
Fensa PodmoreLingua Animalia (birds)
Gideon PierceElemental magic (water/air)UnforgivablesPortkey Creation
Iris MacnairMetamorphmagus
James BloodUnforgivables
Jack DyllanOcclumency
Jess Dark HeartEnergy WorkerHeightened Sensitivity
John WalkerLingua Animalia (wolves)
Julian MiltonUnforgivables
Katherine LupinMediumLingua Animalia (birds)Heightened Sensitivity
Kenna McBainMemory Manipulation
Khaat LupinEnergy WorkerMediumHeightened Sensitivity
Kipling ParsonsLegilimencyOcclumency
Lee ShepherdAnimagus (Gryfalcon)Portkey Creation
Lorcan D'EathAlchemistMetamorphmagus
Lucien HoltSeerHeightened Sensitivity
Marcus BelbyPortkey Creation
Matthew LestrangeUnforgivables
Michael TremainePortkey Creation
Monroe AshcroftOcclumency
Nick PotterAnimagus (owl)
Paul AckermanAlchemy (wands)Alchemy (devices)Portkey Creation
Poppy LevskiMetamorphmagusHeightened Sensitivity
Robert LupinEnergy WorkerPortkey Creation
Solstice CaneEnergy WorkerMediumHeightened SensitivityLingua Animalia (birds)
Zada Forbes D'EathAlchemistUnforgivables
Learning Abilities

Andrew DiamondPortkey CreationLingua Animalia (Amphibians)
John WalkerAnimagus
Poppy LevskiMetamorphmagus



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Ravenclaw Graduate
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Re: 03 -- Magical Abilities

on Mon Jun 19, 2017 7:05 am
Name:Paul Ackerman
Abilities: Alchemy--wandmaking
Skill in that ability: (beginner, intermediate, advanced) Intermediate
Training:Apprenticeship at Ollivanders, additional training from wand makers across the globe
Brief RP:Paul had been working on repairing the broken wand for some time. The owner had wanted to retain the original shaft, which was cracked, but Paul disagreed because the damaged shaft was what was putting the wand out of balance. Paul finally made a choice to replace the shaft with a similar one, putting in the original core, sealing it, and then set about taking the old handle and setting it into place on the new shaft. This one should fire as well, if not a little better, than the old wand.

Name:Paul Ackerman
Abilities: Alchemy--magical devices
Skill in that ability: (beginner, intermediate, advanced)Intermediate
Training:Apprenticeship at Ollivanders and various alchemists across the globe
Brief RP:The mechanical insects had been popular at Hogwarts. Perhaps they would be popular if he added some magical abilties to them and recreated them. He fashioned a mechanical dragonfly from watch parts, added some wings that he made from fine wire and some strong, thin glass. He added some magical stones to the insect, not only for flight but also for retrieving and added the necessary enchantments. When he was finished, he tapped the little insect with his finger, instructed it to retrieve the leaf that had fallen off of his fern. It was a tiny task, but it was a good first test challenge. If it worked, the bug might be able to fetch things a little larger, like envelopes and such. It might yet be a novelty, but he had to start somewhere.

Name:Paul Ackerman
Abilities: Portkey Creation
Skill in that ability: (beginner, intermediate, advanced)Intermediate
Training:worked with alchemists in Eastern Europe, India, Egypt, and China
Brief RP:His client wanted to use his grandfather's fountain pens as a portkey to get from home to work at the Ministry. To do that, Paul needed to go to both locations and cast the enchantments to set precisely where each portkey would land. Used at home, one portkey should take him to work, and the other should bring him home. Now all he needed to do was test them. He took a breath before wrapping his hand around one, hoping that the darned thing worked, and without splinching him, would take him where he wanted to go.
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Slytherin Graduate
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Re: 03 -- Magical Abilities

on Wed Jun 21, 2017 2:24 am

Use both codes next time though!
Jessica Heart
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Re: 03 -- Magical Abilities

on Fri Jul 07, 2017 3:51 pm
Name: Jess Dark Heart
Age: 27 years old
Abilities:  Heightened sensitivity, Energy Worker
Skill in that ability: Intermediate (working towards advanced.)
Training: mentor and guide, Robert Lupin
Brief RP:
ess kept her head down focusing on Brian searching out areas within him that lacked energy and filled it each time she found a spot she pulled a little from a place that had more then enough. Glancing over she saw Marcus cleaning Brian's head then looked at Robert. Reaching out she placed her hand on his shoulder filling his energy so he could continue with the repair work. She visualised Brian seeing and feeling his energy and where it flowed redirecting and shifting it as easily as she would a flow from a river with in her mind.

Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate
Robert Lupin
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Re: 03 -- Magical Abilities

on Fri Jul 07, 2017 4:56 pm
per our conversation, that works for me, jess. i think you'll be happier with that since she's changed so much over the years.


Hufflepuff Graduate
Hufflepuff Graduate
Addison Barlow
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Re: 03 -- Magical Abilities

on Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:29 pm
Name:  Addison Barlow
Age: 34
Abilities: Metamorphmagus and Lingua Animalia (Canis lupus)
Skill in that ability: intermediate
Training: Her father taught her along with her late husband.
Brief RP: Aged eighteen she woke in the middle of the night to the sound of a wolf calling out it sounded like a pittful mournful cry. Sliiping from her warm bed and down to the back door she stepped out into the dark cool night onto the grass or the back garden it was now she saw it a black wolf limping as it moved to the edge of their garden.

"I won't hurt you" She said softly and it tipped its head as he took a step closer. It was now that she reached out and touched the wolfs leg , frightened it lashed out at her sending her sprawling to the ground as it stood over her. Then as if from know where she gave a growl warning it that it was not right and it backed away to lay infront of her. That same night once she'd felt the wolfs soft fur against her fingers she couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to be as free as he was.

Returning to bed she fell asleep and had a strange dream that she was indeed a wolf running and playing. But on opening her eyes she saw to her horrow she was a wolfand her perents just stood smiling down at her and stroked her fur. Her dad helped her return to human form and explained he could change form too but her mother could only talk to them. From that day on they helped her understand her new gift.
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Gryffindor Graduate
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Re: 03 -- Magical Abilities

on Sat Jul 29, 2017 6:45 pm
this has been added.

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Re: 03 -- Magical Abilities

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