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05 -- Magical Creatures

on Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:00 pm
Non & Part Human Characters

Before applying for a non or part human character, read up on PA's magical creature lore here.

[b]Place of Residence:[/b]

[color=#990000][u][b]Vampires and Werewolves[/b][/u][/color]
[b]Date and Time of Creation:[/b]
[b]Reason for creation, if known:[/b]

[b]Other Family:[/b]
[b]Amount of Veela Blood:[/b]
[b]Closest Full Veela Relative:[/b]

Approved Werewolves:
Atticus Jacobs
Beatris Greyback
Dylan M. Davies †
Fenrir Greyback
Irina Aldon
Jakob Lycanthe
Lily Potter
Maya Lycanthe
Sebastien O'Sullivan
Katya Greyback

Approved Veela:
Christian Thorfinn [1/4]
Dom Weasley †[1/8]
Kace Lecium [1/4]
Louis Weasley [1/8]
Selwyn Thorfinn [1/4]
Solstice Cane [1/2]

Approved Vampires:
Alexander Jones (1/2)
Fiona Grimm
Ryo Hiroku
Ekko Augustine (1/2)
Lorcan D'Eath (1/2)
Arthur Yorke
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate
Lily Potter
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Re: 05 -- Magical Creatures

on Tue Jul 04, 2017 12:54 am
No idea why Miss Lily isn't on the list, so let's amend that.

Name: Lily Luna Potter
Age: 19
Place of Residence: Staying with Apollo Zabini for the summer.

Vampires and Werewolves
Creator: Unknown werewolf
Date and Time of Creation: Summer before her fifth year, middle of the night.
Reason for creation, if known: Accidental attack, so it seems.

((super open for someone taking the credit for turning her))
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Slytherin Graduate
Selwyn Thorfinn
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Re: 05 -- Magical Creatures

on Tue Jul 04, 2017 1:04 am
ur done
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Re: 05 -- Magical Creatures

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