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It is 2030 in the Wizarding World

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Seventh Year Slytherin
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09 -- Character Drops

on Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:57 pm

No one likes to see a character go but sometimes it has to happen to make way for new ones. If you're going to drop a character, please post here and we'll remove them off of all of the claims lists - as well as the PA Casting Call, Census, and Family Directory if they're the only active character there.

However, only use this thread if you've decided to get rid of a character permanently. You are welcome to take a break from posting with your character at any time.  You can revamp or update your character's profile by re-posting their app (and unless significant changes are made, you can just update the existing profile). Only post here if you really want to get rid of your character. Particularly in the case of canons, it means you're running the risk of losing them completely.



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