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The Art of Calling People Out Empty The Art of Calling People Out

on Thu Jun 15, 2017 3:55 am
It was almost strange for Katherine to be in Diagon Alley instead of Knockturn. The latter was more her style lately, filled with people who didn't try very hard to be polite or friendly, and it certainly had more shops along the lines of what she might want. Or need. But today she just felt like grabbing a bite to eat in a relatively normal place. And Eli's was nice enough that she probably wouldn't be disturbed, but it was also casual enough that it wouldn't be unusual for someone like her to show up.

She had a couple of letters to write, and had brought a book despite feeling far less interest in reading than she once had. But mainly she was just there to grab a bite before continuing with her day. Eventually, she needed to find something to properly fill her time. Some job or other. Kit didn't really need one, given her family's finances and her inevitable inheritance. But she was starting to want one, and recently she had begun to get pretty much everything that she wanted. So it was worth giving that a shot.

After ordering her drink of choice - dirty, up but with lime instead of olives - she glanced outside and realized that she actually recognized some of the people walking past. One of the Mulcibers - she wasn't sure which - and that redheaded Gryffindor with the tattoos. Oh, that's right. School was out for the summer. Weird how time had drifted past when she wasn't paying attention. Other things, of course, held her interest easily. Like her goals, her drive to discover what happened to that Connolly man. And, obviously, Caleb Flint. She wasn't quite sure what, exactly, she thought of him. Not yet.

But, hey. It seemed like he was interested in her pursuits enough that perhaps she would actually have the time to decide. If she didn't get so annoyed that she offed him, first.

At any rate, she turned back to her menu, pondering what to order, and didn't even notice when an old friend walked inside.
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