It's time to confront the demons, babe.

It's time to confront the demons, babe.

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It's time to confront the demons, babe.

Post by Charlotte Waldorf on Tue Jun 13, 2017 6:29 pm

//If you click on pictures of characters, you'll be transferred on their apps//

Charlotte is the classical teenage girl. She is really smart, hard worker and honest.
Charlotte changed a lot since last summer. The reason for that is Christian Zabini.
He helped her one day and while speaking, she decided to help students who were at the Ilvermorny.
She finally found a way to accept her magical side. Now she is trying to connect with people and maybe even help Christian and Ace to recruit new members to Potter's Army. She needs friends, any maybe even enemies because I'm curious to see how she would react if someone doesn't like her at all. I'm open for any ideas.

Aneta lives her life in the same way she used in the past. Except she is not the leader of Death Eaters anymore. She is evil, manipulative and would do anything to succeed if she wants something. She is not really the person for friends, but it would be nice to see her with people with same ideals, and maybe even someone for short romance.

I didn't use Imogen for a long time so she is the priority for me at the moment. She is nice and friendly, but she can be mean and manipulative sometimes. She values family more than anything and is ready for everything to make them happy. Now she works as a model but in the free time, she likes to make potions with her sister Katrien. She needs friends, maybe even enemies, and maybe even some love interests.

Echo finally succeeded to forget Katrien and now I'm not sure what is happening in his life. Probably nothing.
He keeps making potions and drug and does everything to stay under the radar. If you have any ideas, I'm open to hearing so we can think about something. But he is the nice guy, he really is, trust me.

Alejandro finally found a way to move with his life after his wife died. But then she came back.
And then disappeared again.
And then came back again, with amnesia?!?
He is trying to fix his life but he just doesn't know where to start. Once upon a time, he was the great man, always ready for the party, loyal friend and lover and now... He is just confused.
He really need friends, someone who would help him to stay far away from drama. And maybe some co-workers. I'm open for ideas.

A few years ago, Corrine was pregnant and in love with Louis. He was so good, sweet and nice, he even joined DE with her once she found her brother.
But then, she panicked. So she packed all her clothes and left him. It was the really bad decision, but she is known for making ones. Even if she is smart most of the time, she can be really stupid sometimes, she is a friendly and probably good person.
Now she is back, with her new fiancee and her son. And of course, she saw Louis even if she wants to stay far away from him. She needs friends and it would be interesting to see her among other Death Eaters because she is still just pretending that she is one of them.

Beatris is as always: crazy as hell, obsessed with her father, childish and really bad person.
She is a werewolf now (yeah, she begged her daddy to bite her and there she is now!)
She works as Auror, which is quite ironical but she needs some money, you know.
I think I don't need to say anything else about her, because nothing changed. She is still immature most of the time, spontaneous, rude and doesn't care about anyone.
I would saythat she needs friends but she would hate all of them so... Since she is the werewolf, it would be great to see her with other werewolves. Also I'm trying to connect her with all Greyback members on the site. If you have others idea, you are welcome to say!

Irina is one of my good characters, who are rare, to be honest. She is nice, friendly, good person always willing to help others.
She became a werewolf a few months ago and she is still trying to find a way to live with that. She needs friends, someone who may be able to understand her and be willing to help her with all that wolf stuff. And probably someone who may help her with all of that being Professor and Head of Slytherins since it's pretty new for her.

My, new love.
So, a little bit about Rose.
She is 23 years old, ex Ivashkova (after her husband "died" she return her maiden name). She has 2 years old son and now she came back from Russia to be closer to her family, especially since her mother is sick.
She is really great. Really, I think she is my only character who is complete, without any doubt pure goodness. She is friendly, cheerful, honest, loyal blah blah blah.
Now she works with Katrien and Echo in their shop and has the secret crush on Echo.
You should just see her app, trust me, she is great.
She could use some friends and maybe if someone has a child they can connect and go to the park together and so on.

Darian is a classic snob in the wizarding world. He is aware of the fact that his family is a rich, that they are purebloods and probably almost everyone knows about them.
He is the one who would start a party or think about troubles. I don't know if he is the good or bad character, I only know that he has the bigger ego than the brain.
So, if you want to meet him, let's post.

Polina has really complicated personality.
When her mother died, Polina didn't even get a chance to get over her lost. Just a month after her mother died, in the house came new woman, it looked like if her father wants to replace her mother and that made Polina sad and more than anything else, angry. Polina hated Ivet and she was saying that often to her.
From the cheerful, open and happy child, she became the robot without emotions, the person who was looking at the life going on while she was standing at one place without any chance to start moving again.
Once she ran away from home, she had a chance to start her life again. She became the manipulative and cold person, who will do anything for herself and wouldn't even blink if she needs to hurt someone in the process.
I don't really have many threads with her so I'm open for any ideas. It would be nice to see her around.

Most of you probably remember Mia.
She is just like always. She thinks that her blood makes her better than others, she is sarcastic, the girl who always start the party, rebel but still good students because, duh, she must be the best because she is McLaggen and pureblood, which she can't say for her pathetic half blood brother.
I am open to any ideas. She needs more friends because she is mostly bored around Miss Perfect Waldorf girl and Darian is okay, but she really needs more people to have good connections. Also, she probably has enemies because it's really easy to hate her so I'm open with that too.
And maybe love interest, but nothing serious, she is still too young for that.
So, tell me your ideas and we can post

Katya is the newest toy in my collection and I would really like to post with her.
She is the good girl, even if she is Greyback her main goal is to be the best person she can be and to stay far away from her father. If she was smart enough, she will stay away from Beatris as well, but she believes that Beatris can be the better person. How naive.
Anyway, since she is new I'm open for any ideas. She needs friends, enemies (even if I'm not sure how someone could hate her, she is perfect) and maybe potential love interests. Tell me your ideas.

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Re: It's time to confront the demons, babe.

Post by Charlotte Waldorf on Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:20 am

Charlotte Waldorf
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