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Teddy R. Lupin
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Teddy Lupin
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Better late than never - Page 2 Empty Re: Better late than never

on Tue Jun 20, 2017 6:01 am
He wanted to look at Avery, and he wasn't sure if it wasn't for affirmation, approval, or guidance. But the little girl's eyes were on him and suddenly there was a sharpness and clarity to the situation. He knew well enough that he was not doing anything to dishonor the fallen Ivanov man, nor was he acting with ill intentions or reckless passion. He was being careful and thoughtful and always observant of how Avery seemed to be feeling.

And now he would be the same with Sophie, from this day forward.

Avery was speaking and he kept his eyes on Sophie, who slowly reached a small hand out to take his. He smiled warmly and gently lifted and dropped his hand in a small handshake. She began to withdrew and he easily released her hand, pulling his hand back to rest on his knee.

And off she went, with two adults (who truthfully felt way out of their depths and probably both envied the little girl her simple life and simple tasks) staring after her. Teddy controlled his face, careful to not show the worry and anxiety he felt when it came to doing the right thing for the Bishop women. Before he even had to properly struggle, Avery was there to soothe him.

It was amazing to him how simply Avery had come into his life. He hadn't been looking, had just about given up, and a pretty face had quickly turned into an empathetic presence he had no idea he had desperately needed. And with each new revelation he found out about her, his own desire to protect and support her had grown and grown. They were two broken and uncertain people who knew that, despite their tragedy, they should have been... more than. And with her, he felt more than.

He knew how much it meant to her, and it meant so much to him to know her well enough to know that. And it meant so much to him as well, to be invited into a family, even after his failure to hold his own together. And he was spectacular?

Her hand started to slip and almost instinctively, his own hand reached up to catch her elbow, locking her in place. He should probably say something, assure her of his dedication to being there for Sophie, should have returned the compliments she had given him...

But all he could trust himself to do was lean forward, his other hand reaching out to cup her face as he carefully pressed his lips to hers.
Avery Bishop
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Avery Bishop
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Better late than never - Page 2 Empty Re: Better late than never

on Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:35 pm
For comparison's sake, reader, let's just take a moment. A moment to consider just how reckless and ridiculous her first kiss with Robin had been. In the middle of Keiran and Millie's wedding, they'd been dancing and then, out of nowhere he had drawn her outside the barn and from there, she'd just known. Whether he had, she obviously couldn't say. Avery doubted it, though, of course.

This was very different. Not in a bad way. Obviously not. Merlin, of course not.

Although she couldn't recall exactly where she'd done so, Avery had once read that a majority of women - in a particular survey, of course - genuinely believed that the first kiss with a significant other could tell them exactly what they could expect out of a relationship. Whether the other person would be pushy or too afraid to make any moves, or whatever else they might wish to read into it. And while she wasn't so sure, herself, she would later look back on this and wonder.

Because, quite frankly, Teddy was one of the sweetest men she'd ever met. And he didn't even have to be, given what he'd been through - but he was, regardless. Perhaps in spite of or even because of all of it. And she simply couldn't help the butterflies in her stomach or the fact that she returned the kiss with a little more enthusiasm than he'd shown. Because she had wanted - wished - and was lucky enough to have him go for it. Because she wanted him to know she meant it and was happy - no, thrilled - about it.

And also, they didn't have a whole lot of time before Sophie came back, did they? So despite her initial shock when he stopped her, Avery practically melted against him. The arm he'd halted reached out again, fingers curling into the hair at the back of his neck. The other hand went for his side, though it sort of hovered over his shirt, brushing at it but not quite taking hold. She was still a little shocked and nervous, after all. The last thing she wanted was to make it into more than he'd meant it. At least, in a bad way.

The most important thing for the moment, though, was managing to confirm his hope that she was okay with this, while not managing to freak Sophie out again. They'd have to warm her up to the idea, and clearly she didn't understand yet. But Avery knew that Sophie liked Teddy well enough that it would be okay. Eventually.


So she drew back after, frankly, not long enough - and couldn't help it when she chased that one with a tiny, barely-there little peck just for good measure. As if she could resist, honestly. Just remember who was in front of her. Who she was falling for.

In some ways it felt like she didn't even have a choice, when it came to Teddy. It felt like it was just meant to happen, and that thought would've scared her if she hadn't opened her eyes again and seen him and known right away that one kiss could never be enough. That after this lunch was over, she'd want another one with him. And with Sophie. And Merlin knew what she'd get herself into after that, but she almost didn't care. Teddy Lupin was addicting in a way she wasn't at all prepared for, but she found that she just didn't mind.

The only problem? Well, what in the world was she supposed to say next? Goodness. If her heart weren't beating so loudly and so quickly, perhaps she could have heard whatever was probably racing through her mind.

Lucky her, though. Her daughter had spectacularly weird timing. Perhaps spectacular was the word of the day.

Avery passed Teddy a warm, secret sort of smile, brushed her thumb across his neck and then sat back on her heels again. And then the clap of little shoes on tile got closer until Sophie bounded up alongside her mother. Some part of her shyness had apparently faded, because she looked right at Teddy, quietly curious.

Reaching up, Avery tucked some of her hair behind one ear in an almost embarrassed gesture. Sophie had no idea, of course, but thinking about it again made her drop her gaze and roll her lips together to bite back the grin threatening to show itself.

"Mum," Sophie said again, squeezing at Avery's heart. Poor thing was undoubtedly hungry, and probably excited now too.

"Okay, okay," Avery laughed, wrapping an arm around her daughter. "You're ready to go, then? Teddy," she glanced up at him knowingly, "had a great idea. You're gonna love it."

So she gathered Sophie up, and stood properly, waiting for Teddy to gather himself, too. Merlin, she wished they didn't have to, but hearing her baby speak was unlike anything she'd even imagined it could be. This time, at least, she didn't mind so much.

Ask her again in a couple months.
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