Morning encounters

Morning encounters

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Morning encounters

Post by Stephen Meyers on Tue May 09, 2017 6:39 pm

It was the begging of the weekend early in the morning. Stephen had strangely woken up early that Saturday and there was no way for him to fall asleep again. Just a couple of minutes more would have been nice considering it was weekend but his brain didn't really allow him to.

Getting up he got himself ready for the day and headed out of the dormitory without being noticed by any of the other boys for they were still fast asleep at that hour. Exhibitionists... He crossed the empty common room, the ghostly corridors and the moving stairs trying to avoid certain steps and staircases from prior knowledge that it wasn't so pleasant to be stuck anywhere at this time of the day and finally reaching the Great Hall. He didn't long much there; only taking time enough to grab a few toasts and cookies and taking some bites randomly on what he had taken, he headed out.

Wandering around for a while, Stephen ended up in the courtyard. It was a rather nice day and he decided to hang there until he decided what he was going to do that day. Stephen chose a bench somewhere in the corner under the shade of a tree and sat there. He placed a napkin there and above it the rest of the toasts he was still carrying. Once in a while he picked one up randomly eating them in between the cookies.

When he was finished with them he took the napkin cleaning the extras of butter from his fingers and leaned back against the back of the bench. It was usual for him to carry around any books, either studying or story books. That morning he only had the story book we was currently reading, a Muggle by chance for his mother had a bunch of them back at home and Stephen thought them to be rather funny to read, especially the fantasy ones since it had taken the writer a greater deal of imagination to write about something they have never seen. Stephen looked for the marker and opened the book in the page he was reading. It didn't take long to find the paragraph where he had stopped and continued from there occasionally grabbing a cookie to bite.

Time went by and students started coming out to the corridors and the courtyard but Stephen didn't mind them being used not to be talked to by any of them.
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