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In this alternate universe, Lord Voldemort is dead, but so is Harry Potter. Factions continue to fight, Hogwarts educates the next generation of witches and wizards, and the Ministry of Magic does its best to hold everything together.

It is 2031 in the Wizarding World

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Covenant - Uphold or Die

on Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:00 pm


In the city of York, England, witches and warlocks, shapeshifters and fairies live among humans, leading normal lives while trying to keep their true nature secret, trying to keep the Covenant.

Now however, dark shadows rise and monsters attack mortals- for the first time in generations, the Covenant is at risk of being broken.

R18+ Urban Supernatural RPG - Premium Jcink - Original plot based - Witches, Shapeshifters and Fairies


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