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It is 2030 in the Wizarding World

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Faction Enlistment Information

on Sat Mar 04, 2017 7:11 am

It is important that everyone knows what to expect when it comes to the site's factions. They've been inactive and a bit too obvious about everything they're doing, so we're introducing some new rules as to how factions work, and about how to join them.

The first thing to know - if your character joins a faction IC, you'll just need to get in touch with an Admin, who can add you to that faction's member group. That will give you access to the faction areas around the forum which are hidden from non-members.

Another big thing: All factions are recruiting at all times, so leaders and members should be open to plotting and looking around for new members.


[skip down for info about other factions]

After Grimmauld Place was destroyed, Oliver Connolly (the previous leader) disappeared. In the meantime, they had no place to meet, no leader, no plans. But a new leader has stepped up. Caelani Bittel has held a surprise meeting in the basement of her family's museum. (This can be found in The Rest of the World, on the forum index!)

Something to remember -- your character had to know someone in the Order for them to join. So they should have at least one very close friend within the faction.

Here are the options that your character has if they want to become a member of the Order.

A. Speak to the current leader directly.
B. Know someone in the Order who can get them in.

*Notes: The Order is doing everything it can to be more secretive. So if any information gets out, that character will be at risk of being kicked out of the faction. They might get a warning, but if they do something that would realistically get them in trouble, that is a consequence you have to accept if you let them do something against the rules. Even if it doesn't happen IC, it counts.


The Current leader of the Death Eaters is Lorcan D'Eath, and they meet at the D'Eath Manor (the former Malfoy Manor).

Recognize the fact that your character needs to be either reluctant and forced to be a member, or they must share a desire to change the world because of blood prejudice or perhaps just a really nasty mean streak. Factor that into your character building and plotting! It's bound to give you lots of options.

A. Talk to the leader directly.
B. Know a current member and have them help your character join.
C. Be part of a family that traditionally joins the Death Eaters, though they may need approval if the family is suspected to be one of blood traitors or other questionable habits.

Lorcan D'Eath more or less agrees with Robert Lupin on some things, although he's a vampire and is leading a group of murderers and criminals rather than a Ministry of people trying to improve society for its members. Joining members may have to accept his reluctance to act on certain events if he believes they're unimportant or too likely to cause retaliation. He's the deciding factor on their missions and attacks.


The current leaders are Ace Longbottom and Christian Zabini. The leader of the PA is the current owner of the Marauder's Map, as it's passed down to each new leader. They meet in the Room of Requirement, and although many people know the PA is rebuilding, they don't realize that the meeting place has returned to its original location. Members need to know the right request for the room to show itself.

The Ilvermorny summer meant that the PA met for the first time outside of school, trying to help the students who had gone missing. Since then, they've been trying to recruit and become more active, working towards Harry Potter's ideals as they believe them to be. They're also fairly secretive because the world is dangerous enough already without people "butting in" as Ace would say. Students under 15 are not able to join, legally. Whether they risk that or not is up to them.

A. Speak to one of the leaders.
B. Talk to a member and have them help your character join.


The Dark Followers have all but fallen apart now that the former leader, Liesl Dolohov, has graduated. Pavo E. Hitchens has recently named himself the new leader. Students under 15 are not able to join, legally. Whether they risk that or not is up to them. They meet in a Hideout in the Hogwarts Dungeons.

They can join the same way PA members can, unless the leader suggests an additional option.

[Questions can be brought up to Admins via PM! Smile ]



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