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Adrian Blanchard
Ravenclaw Graduate
Ravenclaw Graduate
Adrian Blanchard
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Ask no questions and you'll get no lies Empty Ask no questions and you'll get no lies

on Fri Feb 24, 2017 12:52 pm
It was the silence that woke him up.

No. Not complete silence, more like the absence of all the sounds he'd usually hear through the window of his room. Or was the pounding in his head something that woke him up? Adrian's jaw tightened, but aside from that, there was no other indicator that might tell that the man was in pain. He made no move to stand up, no move to even shift on his bed or open his eyes. Though the matters on the bed were surprisingly soft, nothing like the matters of his bed.

So, I'm not in my bed, a thought passed through his mind, it explained why he wasn't able to hear the traffic on the street below. Maybe someone would be upset after that revelation but Blanchard's first thought was that he needs to get up and get the hell out of here before the other person wakes up. He was never the one who enjoyed the morning after conversation. Yet, he couldn't remember picking someone up yesterday, he must have tried that new potion that was circulating in nightclubs where wizards mingled with muggles. That thought made his urge to leave this bed even stronger and forced Adrian Blanchard to open his eyes.


His lashes fluttered, an urge to close his eyes again overwhelmed him, but he did his best to keep them open. Everything was so white. Empty. Almost sterile. Why would anyone want to have a room like this one? He turned his head to the left and could only see an empty space and a window that was hidden behind curtains. There was nothing to tell him where he was, whose this room was and Adrian could feel a sting of unease starting to spread from his lower spine up towards his neck and all over the body. He had a bad feeling about this one.

He looked at the other side, a line appeared between his brows as he gazed at the scene in front of him. Why would there be a bouquet of white roses on the nightstand… and a message. Merlin, this was even worse than he expected. Although he was reluctant to read the note, curiosity won and Adrian raised the message and opened it. He blinked as the letters started dancing all around the page. Shutting his eyes he counted to five before opening them again.

Get better, the message said.

Better from what?
Aneta Markova
Aneta Markova
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Ask no questions and you'll get no lies Empty Re: Ask no questions and you'll get no lies

on Fri Feb 24, 2017 6:41 pm
Aneta decided that she would kill Adrian without thinking twice.
She had the really busy day at the Ministry when she got a call. She had the really important case and worse than anything, she wasn't alone.
She and Caleb were surrounded by various papers and they had more than the enough job in order to save Beatris. That little, careless girl decided to kill someone. And that killing didn't even have a purpose. She did that just to have some fun.
And she wasn't even smart enough to try to hide the body, she just left him like garbage you leave when the trash can is far away from you.
So, she was really busy when she got the call that Adrian was in the hospital.

She wasn't sure why the hell they were calling her but they told that she was his emergency contact. That was the reason why Aneta decided to kill him. How could he be that stupid? She never agreed to be his emergency contact. What if someone finds out. What if Benjamin finds out.
But she needed to came to the hospital so she left Caleb to finish the job alone. And that made Aneta even more upset, she didn't like that feeling when you need to trust to someone that they would do the best job possible.

She was sitting at one lonely chair in the hospital room for hours before Adrian finally woke up.
She could leave, but she wanted to see his pathetic face once she asks him what the hell was he doing.
Doctors wanted her opinion about his condition, and she wasn't able to explain to them that she doesn't care. Adrian could go to the hell if they ask her.

"Good morning," she said coldly and stand up so she can walk closer to him.
"You finally decided to wake up. I was thinking to curse you in order to finally open those little pathetic eyes" oh yes, she was angry.
The anger she had back from the time he said her that he wasn't sure if he wants her in his life anymore, now become even bigger.

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