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Rosalie Blanchard
Hufflepuff Graduate
Hufflepuff Graduate
Rosalie Blanchard
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Family before anything else Empty Family before anything else

on Fri Feb 17, 2017 12:35 pm
Of course, Rosalie needed to see her brother as soon as she came back to London.
She didn't say him that she would come back, she wanted to surprise him. And to show him how mad she is, the last letter from him she god half of year ago.
He is officially the worst brother ever.

But that didn't stop her to feel pure happiness because she will see him again.
At 9 a.m. she was ready but Adrian probably was still sleeping so she decided to go for a walk with Lucas first.
The day was great. Rosalie could almost see spring coming back to the town. Snow was gone and first flowers started growing on the now visible grass.
She bought the coffee for herself and the juice for Lucas and let him play in the park while she looked at him full of pride that only parent could understand.

Finally, at 11 a.m. she decided Adrian had enough time to sleep. She took Lucas in her embrace and apparated them at the big Blanchard house.

Absolutely nothing changed. The house was same as always with big walls covered with the abstract pictures her mother loved so much.
"Hey Lucas, we are going to see your uncle. He won't believe how big you are" Lucas yelled with the enthusiasm and Rose smiled before entering in the big living room.

"Hello stranger, did you missed me?" She left Lucas to walk happily in the big room and then walked over to Adrian and hugged him.
"I missed you so much" before she got even the chance to stop herself, she started crying.

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