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Robbie Fairfax, shipper

on Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:45 pm

this is the first day of my life
Robbie Fairfax  

Robbie comes from a family who claims ties to both
the royal family and the purebloods, specifically the

Cecil and Caroline Fairfax, parents - NPCs
Cecil and Caroline used to be overly concerned with
fitting in with high society, but Caroline's miscarriage
with their second child and the adoption of Yuna has
really changed their perspective. They've always
been excellent parents to both of their children.

Yuna Fairfax, adopted sister - NPC
Yuna has always been the more exciting, more
rebellious sibling. She and Robbie have always got
on well, and Robbie greatly admires his sister's
strength. She works as a station manager at the DWN.

Robbie doesn't have many friends anymore because
of his withdrawal from society. People from St. Mungo's
may have known and liked him, and he's in and out of
the Ministry enough to have some workmates there.

Andrew "Bull" Bullock, best friend - NPC
Robbie and Bull have been best friends since Hogwarts,
Bull the perfect foil to Robbie's sweet-natured, good-
tempered personality. Bull tends to get the pair of them
in trouble.

Cecily Lancaster, friend - NPC
Cecily is a former patient of Robbie's that he cannot
help but continually check in with, as she was also his
wife's last patient.

It's hard for Robbie to attract too many enemies, as he
is not one to confront anyone. He may serve as victim
or protector, but rarely as antagonist.

Marcie Davis, former sister-in-law - NPC
Marcie fully blames Robbie for the death of her twin
sister, as he all but asked her to treat a patient when
she was in no condition to do so. She works in the
Goblin Liaison Office, so their paths cross more
than either would prefer.

Robbie has been in love once, and isn't really ready
to love somebody else.

Mae Davis, late wife
Mae was everything Robbie wanted, and he was
fervently looking forward to building a family with
her. But she and their unborn daughter died in
childbirth, weakened from her work as a
magical therapist. Robbie is still wracked with
grief and guilt.


Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate
Number of posts : 98
Species : Human
Occupation : On-Call Animal Healer
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Re: Robbie Fairfax, shipper

on Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:48 pm

Easy! Just give me a brief little description, tell me where they fit, and I'll do the rest.

If we haven't posted before, let's talk!
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