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Seventh Year Gryffindor
Seventh Year Gryffindor
Hit Mulciber
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on Sun Feb 05, 2017 4:06 am
WELCOME! Here you'll learn about my characters; both current and past - and quite possibly future/ NPCs. Current characters will most likely be in alphabetical order and have short descriptions. Everyone else will be put down as I remember them. If I miss anyone (I'm sure I will) that everyone else remembers, please let me know!

CURRENT: If there is an asterisk (*) then they were adopted.

Aleksa Mackenzie Carlevaro - fourteen b. June 13th, 2015, Slytherin.
Aleksa is a 'muggleborn' witch. Her father is actually a wizard but she was raised away from him and with no knowledge of being a witch until receiving her Hogwarts letter. She dislikes her mother's side of the family for hiding it from her.

Anabelle Violet Mulciber - seventeen b. Dec 5th, 2012, Gryffindor.
Anabelle is the black sheep of the Mulciber family, being a Gryffindor and a (former?) PA member. She also goes by Hit.

Cronis Anubis Yaxley - seventeen b. April 17th, 2013, Slytherin.
Cronis is the heir of the Yaxley and the older of twins. He tries to be calm, cool and collected but it doesn't always work out the way he wants.

Dylan Marshall Davies - nineteen b. May 23rd, 2010, Ravenclaw Dropout.
Dylan was a good student while at Hogwarts, then during his seventh year was turned into a werewolf and everything went downhill. He dropped out and is currently with the pack.

Eleanor Gabriella Augustine (D'Eath) - eleven b. March 28th, 2019, currently unsorted.
Eleanor's had a rough past year after being kidnapped by James Blood. She's just recently been rescued and discovered she's a 1/2 vampire. She goes by Ekko.

Evander Cerberus Yaxley - seventeen b. April 17th, 2013, Ravenclaw.
Evander is the younger of twins and, unfortunately, always in his brother's shadow. He's (probably hopelessly)in love with Katherine Avery, and seems to be thinking of dropping out.

Freyja Michelle Podmore - sixteen b. May 19th, 2013, Gryffindor.
Freyja is the heiress of the Podmore family (to her father's dismay). She loves adventure and is usually upbeat and nice to everyone.

Jonathan Lewis Finch-Fletchley - thirteen b. July 13th, 2016.
Jonathan is pretty much traumatized from the night his older brother was turned into a werewolf. He's also pretty much afraid of everything and has very little confidence in himself. But he loves quidditch and hopefully some day can play like his brother.

Kaiden Austin Poliakoff - twenty b. November 10th, 2009, ex-Slytherin.
Kaiden is the heir of the Poliakoff family and the older of twins. He was married but that got ruined when he had an accident where he ended up going missing and his brother took his place. He has amnesia and is currently the Charms professor at Hogwarts.

Rose Minerva Granger-Weasley - twenty-three b. September 6th, 2006, ex-Ravenclaw.
Rose leads a busy life being the Assistant Director at St. Mungo's. She rarely has time for many other things anymore but she tries to not be a workaholic. She's bisexual but doesn't know what to do about it.

Ryo Ichiro Hiroku - twenty-five b. August 9th, 2004, ex-Hufflepuff.
Ryo is a very hard worker and works at the Ministry as a Spirit Specialist and is also a shop owner. He owns Eeylops Owl Emporium. He's a very calm and collected guy but what a lot of people still don't really know about him is that he's a vampire.

PAST: If there is an asterisk (*) then they were adopted.

Aphie Dawlish
Jeremy Peakes
Cassandra Peakes
Nathan Finch-Fletchley
Caspian Ivanov
Sapphire Ivanova
Danielle Mulciber
Yumi Zante
Zandell Dawlish
Olivia Jones
Atticus Bletchley
Mi nam Hadashi
Auralee Arnazino
Mariposa Cruz
Alexis D'Eath
Damitrius D'Eath
Amaris D'Eath
Raine D'Eath
Jayden Volkov
Kaily Volkov
Hermione Granger
Malmuira Crawford
Naomi Higurashi
Jake Collins
Aubrey Greyback
Aedan Brennan
Johan Brisk
Ashton Charming
Anali Collins
Mitchell Harris
Leaila Saturo
Drew Macmillan
Madeline Ross
Monica Jones
Lysander Scamander
Aeron Montague
Suzanna Ivanova*
Foster Murison


Anabelle "Hit":
*Naomi, Walter, and Josiah Mulciber - siblings
By extenstion: The Mulciber Family
*Sayuri Hiroku - Ryo's younger sister

The Yaxley Family

Current: None
Future: Damitrius D'Eath - older sister

The Yaxley Family

The Podmore Family

*Madeline Krept - woman who helped him in Greece
*Oliver Poliakoff - twin brother
By extension: The Polaikoff Family
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