[OPEN] Detention Buddies

[OPEN] Detention Buddies

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[OPEN] Detention Buddies

Post by Casey Lou Weasley on Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:41 pm

Casey could hardly be blamed for her actions.

The kid had been shoving around the Jericho kid and his friend, the Slytherin. Casey didn't really have any ties to either, besides the fact that the Jericho was one of her Housemates. Even that wasn't enough to make her really defensive or protective.

Honestly, she was just looking for an excuse, and he gave her one. So she punched him in the throat. She was told he had been given detention once he regained his breath, but her noble attempt had also earned her a detention.

She was asked to organize the potions storeroom. It was weird, attending detention under the watchful eye of her cousin. Er, or not so watchful. Lily had asked her about her family and then walked her into the storeroom, explaining the tasks at hand, before settling back in at her desk to do her grading, leaving Casey on her own.

Casey reached deeping into a bin full of beetles eyes and filled a jar full of it, before tightening the lid, setting it on the shelf. There was probably 30 jars worth, and it wasn't the only ingredient that needed shelving.

There was a knock at the door and Lily opened it. "Hey. You have a second for your work."


It wasn't.

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