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It is 2031 in the Wizarding World
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Keep Portland Wyrd [Jcink]

on Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:37 am

Portland is Weird. Everyone knows that. What not everyone knows is that Portland is also Wyrd. What is Wyrd?

Wyrd is something stranger than human. Wyrd is the ability to wield arcane energies and reshape reality. Wyrd is the ability to transform into a wolfman and fight with tooth and claw. Wyrd is becoming an immortal creature sustaining itself with the blood or souls of mortals. Wyrd is being mutated by dark gods never meant to be seen by mortals. Wyrd is, well, Wyrd, and it thrives in Portland as much as the Weird.

Which is good, because things are starting to splinter. "Things" stalk the wilderness and drive people into the cities. The Elder Ones lurk on the edge of Reality and are finding ways in to the world. Worse, discord is growing and threatens civil war in the city. Will you help keep the peace and save the world? Or will you sow chaos and in the mess carve out a piece for yourself?

++ Profile Application ++
++ Multicultural and Unique takes on classic Species ++
++ No Wordcount or Activity Requirements ++
++ Both Site Wide Plots and Character Plots are able to affect the setting ++

The world of No Books of Men returns with a new and updated setting, come join the fight for this world!
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