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Kenna McBain
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Gryffindor Graduate
Kenna McBain
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Kenna MCBain, shipper Empty Kenna MCBain, shipper

on Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:24 pm
Kenna MCBain, shipper Zoe-kazan-200x200
I know who I want to take me home
Kenna Greer McBain

Kenna's family means everything to her. Since the
death of her parents, the bonds of family have
become almost holy to her.

Maggie Arnold - grandmother, NPC
Granny Mags is the tenacious, strong woman
that raised Kenna. Maggie also claims to have
had a prophecy of Kenna rising to great heights.
It's a fabrication, but it's another one of Maggie's
bold if unorthodox attempts to give her grand-
children a better life than she had.

Angus Arnold - grandfather, NPC
Angus was also tasked with raising Kenna,
and has been a wonderful example of everything
a man ought to be. A kind-hearted, exasperated
fellow, he's often left playing catch up. Kenna
currently manages the bar he owned in his youth.

Kenna MCBain, shipper TtprN
Rory McBain - brother, NPC
Rory has been a bit resentful towards Kenna
since the death of their parents. He can be an
incredibly loving and kind brother at times, and
very distant at others. Kenna is desperate to have
her brother back.

Kenna is friendly, and is probably considered a
friend by many of her bar patrons. She is warm
but honest, making her a loyal and fierce
companion once won over. She's always desirous
of deeper relationships.

Kenna MCBain, shipper Charles-james-mcavoy-23436758-100-100
Kipling Parsons - close friend, played by Jackles
Kip is probably the closest of her friends,
having always treated her like she was intelligent
and not extraneous. They have a very familial

Kenna MCBain, shipper Michael-Fassbender-michael-fassbender-30569638-100-100
Yuri Volkhov - close friend, NPC
Yuri is the 'old man' of their group, and very
often has provided deep wisdom for Kenna. At
one point in time, she suspected there might
have been a spark between them, but he grew
cold and she abandoned the thought entirely.
He is one of her dearest friends.

Kenna MCBain, shipper Andrew-Scott-andrew-scott-31839134-100-100
Remy Dumay - close friend, NPC
Remy is another of their group, and has always
had a fun relationship with Kenna. She married him
during the marriage law fiasco, and it became clear
to her during that time that he had been harboring
feelings for her for some time. Now that they are
no longer tied, their friendship has resumed. She
tries not to consider whether or not he still feels
that way. She'd hate to lose a friend.

Kenna MCBain, shipper Sarah-sarah-bolger-25740397-100-100
Katarina Rookwood - friend, played by Em
Kat had joined their group for about a year before
she was encouraged by her new friends to explore
an art degree. Kenna was the one to 'find' and
bring Kat into the group and still feels a sisterly
sense of protection over her from afar. She looks
forward to her letters and misses her dearly.

Kenna may have some enemies out there. She
has dabbled in the law and has had to kick people
out of her pub. It's hard to pinpoint a reason for
someone to truly hate her, however.

Kenna was deeply in love once, and despite all
of her sense otherwise, is willing to fall again.
She has an open heart but has some issues
trusting herself.

Kenna MCBain, shipper 288
Jamie Graham - ex-partner, NPC
Kenna and Jamie had a whirlwind romance
during her time in America, but it all ended when
Kenna attempted a memory charm to give Jamie
the last goodbye to his father he was denied.
Something went wrong and it almost destroyed
Jamie, forcing Kenna to own up to everything. It
was quite a shock to Jamie, a muggle, who had
no idea Kenna was a witch. The Ministry had to
intervene and wipe his memory. She limped home
to the comfort of family and friends.


Kenna McBain
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate
Kenna McBain
25 : Alumnus
NoneUgly Pigeon Manager

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Kenna MCBain, shipper Empty Re: Kenna MCBain, shipper

on Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:25 pm

Easy! Just give me a brief little description, tell me where they fit, and I'll do the rest.

If we haven't posted before, let's talk!
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