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Sutemeny, a new wolf role play!

on Sun Dec 18, 2016 3:06 am
Sutemeny Link

Sutemeny is a wolf role play, set in the land of the Saurendi. The Saurendi is a giant space of land, with various parts of it to role play, such as the tropics, remotes, arctic, east and central, and many other places yet to be discovered. Here on Sutemeny you can role play as a wolf. Many begin as a lone wolf, and spread out to join packs or groups. This is what makes us different from other wolf role plays, instead of being based on packs, we bring characters the oppurtunity to meet all kinds of different wolves on every new role play post! We are a pretty simple site with few rules and a light atmosphere, although we do encourage members to write at least a paragraph when role playing. Hope to see you soon and happy holidays!

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