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05 -- The Big Thread of Useful Threads

on Tue Oct 25, 2016 12:59 am

The Big Thread of Useful Threads

all the threads you need now handily linked in one place

The Character Creation Template
yeah! make a character!

The open threads thread
promote your open threads

Introduction to Roleplay
an outline of what not to do when RPing

Potter's Army: A history
In character history.  A year by year account of major site events.

Magical Creature Guidelines
required reading for those thinking of creating a magical creature character.

About Hogwarts Houses
if you're not quite sure where your character fits, this might help

How to join a faction
The Order of the Phoenix, Potter's Army, the Death Eaters and the Dark Followers

Potter's Army Guide to Duelling
we no longer have the spell compendium (try using the HP wiki or lexicon) but this is still essential reading for those in factions.

Sidebar Links

People on some devices have been having trouble seeing the sidebar, so below are the sidebar links.

The C-box
This link should open in a new tab

Site Rules

Plot / Potter's Army: A history

Canon Characters

The Claims

RP Requests

The Wiki

Help Forum

Lunar Calendar

The Daily Prophet

Best of the RP Advice Forum

Replying in Class Threads
It's not as boring as you think!

Nothing wrong with "No"
How to turn down an idea, and how to handle being turned down.

Posting in your job
Jack puts a new spin on the monomyth: "it's just as fun to put your changing character into a stagnant environment as it is to put a stagnant character into a challenging environment."

Myth of the muse and how to stay active
Staying active is more about posting than being inspired.

Why aren't my open threads and RP requests getting replies?
How to make sure your threads and requests get the replies you're looking for

Writer's Envy
Why you should write with people you think are "better" than you.[/center]
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